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One of my orchids last summer in the greenhouse.
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  1. 45apples7:18
  2. bunzy7:35
  3. missouri7:36
  4. johnjones328:40
  5. broadway8:50
  6. agreyn9:27
  7. hvnbnd9:27
  8. iveta689:32
  9. MissJane9:50
  10. canalview9:50


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Hi Judy - thank you for your compliments! When I first started "collecting" orchids, I was frantic I'd do something wrong. Some said to water a certain way, some said to water with an ice cube once a week, some said to let them dry out completely before waering - when I moved them from the house to the greenhouse for the winter, I would go sometimes an entire week without stepping foot inside the greenhouse, so they'd be very dry. Because of that and the fact that I wasn't going to bring a bowl of ice cubes out, I'd just soak them down with water collected from rain. They don't seem to be nearly as delicate as they appear. I've had some die, but I don't think it was from the way I watered or they'd all be dead! I'll try to get some recent photos of newly bloomed orchids for you - thanks for the conversation and we'll keep in touch - have a great day! Linda in Arkansas ;-)

Hi hvnbnd (Heavenbound?), I'm judy from Alabama, Heavenbound too! I love your orchids!! I just bought one that looks like yours. I grow all types of plants, but have never been good w/ orchids. I am watering my new orchid once a week 1/4 cup of water as the directions said. Does that sound about right to you? You definitely know the trick to growing them. Good to meet you.

Thank you Eli - I can only take credit for keeping it alive - God did the beautiful part!


very beautiful

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