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Tyr - His catnip banana is lip-smackingly good!

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Oh, that was a year ago, efk1021! Pets delivered! ♥☺♥ Love to your kitty hoarde!


What a cute picture of Tyr! Love the little tongue hanging out. Must have just gotten a bite of that catnip. Pets to Tyr.


Pammi, it is good to be back! I'm still using crutches and on strong painkillers but am on the mend. It is up to Jigidi to stop me going stir crazy before I'm well enough to go back to work! ☺☻☺

I will Ivar2012! Give your cats an ear rub from me too!
Budu Ivar2012! Dejte své kočky ucho třít ode mne příliš!

Soo, I hope you are having a lovely holiday and that your girls are behaving while you're away! I'm getting better but not yet 100% and it doesn't look like I'll be back at work before the end of the month but I am making progress and am not so drowsy or in so much pain, thankfully!

Canoekaw, he did! His banana makes him very mellow and chilled out. ☺

Hi Kayell, since each cat got their own banana, no one stopped him from enjoying himself! ☺


You enjoy it, gorgeous Tyr. Very good to see you again and your lovely mum. We've missed you all.


Hi Tyr just play with that banana and have some fun.


You do look very chilled out Tyr. I have missed you, Freya and Ash and of course your lovely mum x

Hi catslave, so good to have you back, you have been missed so much. I'm on holiday at the moment but have been checking each day to see if you have been on jigidi. How are you feeling now?


Sorry Tyr, forgot to say how lovely it is to see you still looking as gorgeous as ever. ☺


Pohlaďte své chlupaté miláčky.
Caress your furry pets.


Aaahhhh, welcome back. Just sat down at the computer (6.30am) and the best surprise of all. How are you? I do hope all your pain has been resolved and you are now OK. Wow, you have been missed by a lot of people and I know you are going to be flooded with happy comments. Absolutely wonderful to see you back once more. Big hugs to you, catslave, and to your lovely furry family. ♥♥