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Blanche Lazzell (American, 1878–1956), Tulips (1920)

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Color woodcut on cream laid Japan paper
30.5 x 35.6 cm (12 x14 in)

Lazzell was an American Modernist printmaker and a member of the pioneering wood block print society (the first of its kind in America) known as the Provincetown Printers. This group came together in 1915 in the artistic community of Provincetown, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The group remains most noteworthy for having innovated the white-line woodcut print, or the Provincetown Print. Inspired by 19th-century Japanese Ukiyo-e woodcuts, these artists carved their designs onto a single block, rather than multiple blocks in the western printmaking tradition, and inked each section with a different color. The small grooves between the segments create the distinctive white lines.

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  1. gyddru1:24:59
  2. biancasaysrawr1:42:12
  3. scotneym1:58:01
  4. Starlite2:03:06
  5. Hibiscus2:07:03
  6. Shirl882:10:33
  7. mari502:14:24
  8. twinkly_tulip2:25:39
  9. gonetopuzzle2:44:16
  10. twins3:03:22


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You're welcome, Michèle. I would have loved to receive a «linogravure» Christmas card made by a friend! What a nice thing to do. :-)


This woodcut is really nice. Thank you.
At a time when we were still sending Christmas cards, I used to do mine in «linogravure» (linocut). They were not as nice, but it was fun.


De nada, querida amiga!

Gracias por el reto, Blue :-)


Why, thank you! :-)


Blue, this rocks.

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