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How BEAUTIFUL! Love your photo!


wow, thank you Maryrob! Happy New Year and all the best to you, thanks for stopping by!


Love love love this one.Thank you and Happy New Year.


Thank you PH! Happy New Year, make it a safe one!


A very fine photo, Deb! You live in a great state! :) Happy New Year!


Hi TX! always nice to see you! Yes I know what you mean, I have a photo that came out a little blurry, and I was about to delete it, when it looked like there were little fairies flying around the Pampas grass. You never know what you will see in a photo. Snow fairies abound in this one! Happy New Year!


Beautiful, Deb! Looks like if you look closely there'll be teeny little fairies swarming around!


Hi Nellies! Thank you for sharing your observation. Nature is certainly a God-given enjoyment!
Happy New Year!


I call these "god light"! These are particularily beautiful. Thanks deb. Happy 2013!


How nice kathy! I hope they bring peace throughout the New Year. I think snowrays are a good sign, don't you? Happy New Year Kathy, I love your avatar! Hope to see you around the hideout when things pick up!


I also stop & enjoy these light shafts coming thru while I run about my life. Nice to see that you do also. For me they bring with them such a feeling of peace


hi grannygoatlady! Happy New Year! Thank you for stopping in


Thank you for taking time to comment again Angelbender! Happy you liked it!


A perfect pictorial description of Ethereal.....

The light is like that in the old European cathedrals. Inspiring!

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