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Wonderful May (May19P04)

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"The month of May is the pleasant time;
Its face is beautiful;
The blackbird sings his full song,
The living wood is his holding,
The cuckoos are singing and ever singing;
There is a welcome before the brightness of the summer."

- Lady Gregory

I would like to wish everyone who celebrates his or her birthday in May "A Very Happy Birthday and may you be blessed abundantly ".

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 9, 100, 225 and 400 pieces. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

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:-) Bunny


Jason - you are waaaaaaaaay too humble! Embrase your talent and share with those who care about you and WANT to hear you! ;-) Shep


Dear Bunny,

I know that you have solved all the 4 sizes of this puzzle. Thank you :-))))

I am still not good enough in my music for sharing with dear friends. All I can say is that for this upcoming performance I am feeling good and confident about it (ie not nervous like the previous ones). There will be a lot of practices and a few rehearsals before the actual day.



I am not that good. So, I would rather not.

Jason Chung is a common name. I have come across a number of gentlemen having that name and a few of them are musicians. I have never posted any photos of myself or my musical performance on the social media. So, those gentlemen are not me.

When I am performing, I use a stage name.


Robin, thank you. You are so kind :-)


Thank you, Clive for your kind comment :-)

I wish that I am as good as you what you have written about my musical talent.

I still have a long, long way to go :-0

I think we all would like to hear it. :-) Thank you for the puzzles Jason. Bunny


Ok Jason....spill it!!! Please tell me there's a way I can hear your music on line!! I'd love to hear you play! Shep


Clive is so right about our Jason, and he's genuinely humble, which is a very rare quality these days. :)


Jason is also a master musician but he will not tell you that you will have to prise it out of him so do ask him what he plays. (sorry jason just being naughty). He really is incredible and has great talent.


Dear Shep,

Like you, I enjoy bright cheerful colours and I stay away from dull, depressive colours.

I also try to avoid depressive situations or discussions as there are full of negative vibes, though I do have empathy and sympathy for people in need. I prefer positive thoughts and uplifting moods.

I like a lot of flowers. Too many to name.

At the present moment, my favourite colours are lovely shades of blue and green.

I have been to Colorado during Autumn when the leaves of the Aspen trees have turned a beautiful bright yellow. I love to see them and admire their colours. Oh, how they tremble in the breeze.

My favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn. Those were the times when I used to travel overseas for about 3 months per trip, twice a year, every year.

My favourite music is classical, hymns, meaningful and melodious folk songs and pop songs.

Oh, yes I remember the opening scene of My Fair Lady - just wonderful and splendid.

You are right, family and friends are very important in our lives :-)))

Thank you, Shep. Now, I have a rough idea of what to create for your birthday card, next year :-)



Colors: It’s hard for me to say what my favorite colors are – I enjoy bright colored photos – but I also enjoy dramatic photos – many of those have darker colors. Dramatic – not depressive! There’s enough depression – so I do my best to stay away from that!!

I grew up in Colorado and enjoyed all four seasons. I live in Southern California now and don’t have those same seasons. One of my favorite seasons is Fall to watch Aspen Trees turn colors from green, then yellow/orange/gold. Simply beautiful!! The sound the leaves make in the breeze is like no other sound. Simply beautiful. We owned cabins in the mountains – and hated to know we’d be closing up the cabins for Winter! But the anticipation of knowing Spring was soon to come was always special. It was always like the opening of My Fair Lady – all the beautiful fresh flowers!

Favorite flowers – Daffodils, Roses and Iris because there are countless colors of each! Orchids because there are more than 25,000 species and more than 100,000 hybrids!
So – how can you pick just one?!

BUT - - - I personally believe there is something much more important than colors / flowers / music / design / etc – and that is FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! Because it doesn’t matter if you are surrounded with all the other things – if you don’t have friends and family to enjoy those with – you have nothing!!!



Shep, mine is on 15 June.

My dear friend, I will make you a birthday card/puzzle on 24 May 2000 @jasonchung2 :-)

May I know your favourite colour, flowers, and any other special preferences?

For example, I appreciate bright, lovely, cheerful colours. I am fine with pastel colours, too. However, I do not like dull gloomy colours and I have never like black.


Thank you @CJ45!


Jason - it's a date!! What day in June is yours? Mine is May 24.


Thank you Shep for the lovely compliment for this May puzzle :-)

Wow, it must have been a busy late May and early June in those days with all the birthday celebrations going on :-)))

I, too, am a Gemini - a June Gemini.

Shep, would you like to celebrate a Gemini birthday together at Jigidi next year?

I would love to make a birthday card/puzzle for you, my friend :-)


Jason, Thanks for a beautiful puzzle for May!! At one time, there were 5 family members of us who celebrated birthdays the last of May - first of June! Actually since we were/are Geminis - I guess there were 10 of us!! lol All have passed away - leaving me to carry on the tradition!

Take care my friend,


Hello Sparky,

It will feature roses. I am afraid that I am still an amateur at puzzle creating.

Thank you for your greetings to John and me. Both of us send hugs to you :-))


Hi my friend - i am waiting in to see what your June puzzle will be ☺♥☺ to both you and john xxx


You are welcome, BeeKay.

It is a pleasure to know that you like this colourful puzzle :-)

Thank you for your good wishes :-)

May you be greeted by happiness and joy :-))

Best regards, Jason.


Thank you for the colorful puzzle Jason. I hope your day is filled with happiness and joy too.




Thank you Sparky :-)




Thank you for the compliment, Clive :-)

Glad to hear that you had a great holiday :-)

I was just very lucky with solving this puzzle.

0.16 is still a good time as this puzzle has many colours, patterns and textures.

John sends his regards to you.

Cherrio, Jason :-)


Hi Jason and John only late because of holiday which was great.
I see you completed puzzle in 0:04 ?
Mine 0:16
Super puzzle.


Hi Bev,

You are busy again with the yard work and it is great to get it done. Everything is neat and tidy.

Yes, I do have air-conditioning. However, I do not use it during the day as I open the windows to let fresh air in and therefore have the fan on. I use the air-con only at night.

I hope that you will be solving my large size puzzles, too.

Thank you for looking out for the new puzzle that I will post on 1 June, 2019. I am working on it and it will definitely be ready by that date - it is a celebration of the birthday of 3 friends along with all who share their birthday month in June.

Love and Hugs to you, Bev,
Jason and John.

Hi Jason,
You can't get away from me. I am late, but I have yard work to do. When it is nice out I took a chance and tried my hand to mow the lawn. It worked for me, I walk a little slower and took me a little longer but finished it. THEN, came in and laid down to rest and get my second wind. My winds aren't easy to come by, but I am not throwing in the towel yet. :)) I guess it is very hot in your town and when the rains come it cools down a little bit, I only imagine. Thank goodness for
Air Conditioning. You do have that, right? I have been doing giant puzzles, so to keep my mind off other things that creep into my mind. Take care and again from my last puzzle. Hugs to you and John. Will be looking for the new puzzle. Bev. 5-8-19---6:30P.M.


Enjoy your visit to your family next month, Robin.

I will look foward to the photo that you will be posting in June.

John will organise something for my birthday puzzle - nothing lavish.

You are right. I treasure friendship and good folks.


I'm going to visit my family in June and will be there for my birthday, but not yours and "the other person's". I will be looking for another pretty picture from northern Arkansas to give you as a special card when I come back. Tell John to keep your card simple, as you never require much for yourself. Friendship and kindness seem to be what you love most, and that's what you give all of us. Best reguards to you both. :))


Ok, Robin. I got your kind and understanding message :-)) Good idea.

Maybe, just a puzzle on 1 June 2019 that includes you, our dear friend and me? Different days but same month - all covered in just one puzzle. Now, I can breathe freely.

However, I have still to work on another puzzle for the middle of June as this time, it is supposed to be John who is creating it for me (another promise). You guess it, it means that I am the one who will be doing the drawing and colouring on behalf of John :-0

I will pass your "Big Hello" to John and I am sure that he will return your greetings with a bear hug.

Love and Hugs,
Jason and John.


One puzzle for everyone will be fine in June. Do more only if it does not rush you or cause stress. We all know we have your good wishes every day of the year, and we appreciate you. Our concern is for your well being. Say a big Hello to John. :))


Hello Bubble,

It is good to hear from you.

I am pleased that you like this puzzle and its depiction :-))

Thank you for the good wishes for John and for me.

John and I wish the best for you and your hubby throughout the year.

On 1 of June, I will post a puzzle and probably a couple more for that particular month
(to keep promises that I have made).

Hugs and Love to you and to your hubby,
Jason and John.


Dearest Jason,
you are continuing to inspire us with your good cheer and sunshine - we all look forward to hearing from you - I hope you and John have everything you may wish for May and the rest of the year.
Hugs to you both - (❀ᴗ❀)


Thank you for your beautiful wish.
I wish you the same. Have a nice weekend.


Dear Irena,

Thank you for solving this puzzle, for the compliment and the good wishes.

May you receive many blessings throughout the month of May.

Best regards, Jason.


You did it Jason! Beautiful work. I wish you beautiful May days ☺ ♥ ☺ Sincerely, Irena.


Thank you Lunie for the compliment :-) I appreciate that a lot :-)

Best regard, Jason.


Nice representation of a colorful month Jason.


I am glad to hear that you like this puzzle, Dendro.

Thank you for letting me know that the poem by Lady Gregory
is accurate in her depiction of May :-)

It must be wonderful to hear the songs fo the yellow-billed cuckoo.

Best regards, Jason.


This might be my favorite to date since I found your puzzles, Jason. ANd Lady Gregory is right...we have Yellow-billed Cuckoo's come to our property every year to nest and spend the summer and they arrived yesterday in our woods.


Dear Robin,

You are welcome. I am glad that you love this puzzle :-)

I would like to wish your friend Diana, your brother-in-law, your niece, and your sister
"A Very Happy and Joyous Birthday. May all their birthday wishes come true and that they have a great year ahead."

Thank you for letting me know that all the above folks are celebrating their birthdays in May as you have made this puzzle special and meaningful. It is like this puzzle has achieved something good.

Thank you for wanting to solve the other sizes of this puzzle :-) I solve all the 4 sizes and find that the 540 pieces is the most interesting one to solve.

John and I appreciate and are grateful for your good wishes for us.

May you and all your loved ones have a Blessed May and that it will be a happy month for each and every one of you.

Best regards, Jason.


Francine, you are welcome.

I am happy that you like the colours and patterns of this puzzle.

This puzzle did take a lot of my time in creating it as I am always so slow at creating puzzles :-0 That is one of the reasons that I draw, create and post just one puzzle a month (unless there are occasions where I have to create and share more puzzles).

Spring is already here for you :-) Fresh cool air. Lovely flowers. Greenery. Beauty and more :-)))

May the month of May be a lovely and blessed one for you, Francine.

Best regards, Jason.


You are welcome, Chelsey.

Thank you for letting me know that this puzzle pleases you and that it feels like Spring.

I am delighted that the puzzle has cheered up your day as I always hope that my puzzles will make friends and solvers happy :-)

May the month of May be a wonderful and joyful month for you, Chelsey :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Thank you Taisia for the compliment and for solving this puzzle.

I am pleased that you like it and have enjoyed piecing it together :-)

Best regards, Jason.


On behalf of my friend Diana (1st), brother-in-law (17th), niece (18th), and sister (21st), I thank you for the special birthday wishes. I love your puzzle and will enjoy doing the other sizes. All my best to you and John.


I always marvel at posters' patience when creating a 10x10 tiled puzzle. A lot of work involved. I love all your colours and patterns. Thanks, Jason. Hope you have a lovely May; it should be for us as we finally have spring.


Your puzzle feels like a SPRING, it is cheerful and pretty. It certainly cheered up my day. Thank you, Jason, and have a wonderful month of May.


Jason, this puzzle is very nice and enjoyable! ☼♥☼


Thank you Iris for the positive affirmation and for solving this puzzle :-))

May the month of May continue to smile upon you :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Pure blissful delightful joy! May Smiles Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ☼☺☼Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ


You are most welcome, Pam :-)

Thank you for solving my puzzle.

I am pleased to have helped in a small way to give May a colourful and happy start to all things good.

Best regards, Jason.


Thank you for helping us start off May in a happy and colorful way, Jason. :-))


It is Labour Day in my country, so it is a public holiday :-)))


xxxxxxxx public holiday here today - very nice xxx ♥♥


Thank you Sparky for your good wishes, compliment and for solving this puzzle :-))

Both John and I wish you and all your loved ones a Very Happy and Blessed May.

Best regards, Jason.


Wishing you and john a very Happy Blessed May xx lovely puzzle thx ☺

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