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Pond in your back yard

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  1. latifa4:34
  2. Gidobear5:35
  3. Sunnesanne5:44
  4. sandraarich5:58
  5. cherjo6:20
  6. yannay6:28
  7. rmjw7:54
  8. bigeyez128:47


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It happens this way for me every year because of the beginning of school... I end up doing a lot of work all at once in the nick of time :0)) One year I planted daffodil bulbs in a thaw in January !! They came up fine :0) A lot was going on that year... luckily it's not usually that bad :0)

I added the new instructions to what you already gave me so things should work out fine. Thanks!

We have had snow before, rarely, at the end of October or early November... I'm glad it's not our normal.


Must have been working too hard today cause l did not start instructions right. You hit on select, effects, distort, polar inversion and then carry on with the rest of the instructions. So sorry latifa


Latifa, this sounds like an avalanche of fall work for you. Our season turned earlier this year the apples were ripe start of Sept instead of the end, We no longer pick, either family or friends help out, we all keep some, the rest go to homeless shelters, churches helping needy people and such. We started yard, deck and garage cleanup then and were so lucky to have finished before snowfall which started last week and again it snowed heavily today, the kids dropped by, shoveled us out this evening. Don't know where you live but sounds like you have to get your outside work done in a hurry so you have no time to get into mischief. Good luck, we can touch base later.


I look forward to the photo too!


Thanks so much, surfer! I have a lot going on for the next three weeks so I may or may not get to experiment much right now. I saved the information and promise that I will get to it... and who knows, tomorrow or any day soon, I just may find a time...

Today I spent much of the day working on the gardens outside to make more room for plants that need to get in the ground before things start to freeze and to make it easier in the spring. Along with that, I potted a lot of plants from my fairy garden that won't make it through the winter. Luckily the light in the back yard made it possible to keep going after it got dark :0) Tomorrow, again before the freeze, I have to paint my potting table that will now stay outside where it will be totally convenient. That is just the 'have to do it now' stuff. There is so much to do at home and at work this time of year. Over the last couple of weeks I have spent more time on jigidi than usual but, at least for a bit, that needs to slow down. I will definitely check out your stuff along with a few others. The good news is that, when I do have more time, there is lots to catch up on.

Again, thanks for sharing the information with me!!


Hi latifa: l did reply about an hour ago and guess l forgot to Post. So here goes: Photo from my sister in British Columbia Canada which l will post later, just for you to practice, then you can send me a post of your own with this information. which is free on pc as you know. The CLAMP is very important here.
polar inversion amount 0.34 offset 2.00 + 2.00 edge behavior CLAMP. you are there and can keep tweaking if you wish.


I wish this was in my back yard! It's really lovely, peaceful. Thanks, surfer!

Would you mind telling me how you get the stripes? If not, no problem. I've seen this effect before and I'm not sure how it's done.

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