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Hashtag Travelbuddy

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  1. valde210:39
  2. Bubba5611:19
  3. Drivhus11:49
  4. martian11:55
  5. luckylindy7812:43
  6. katkakol12:56
  7. JM2B13:39
  8. aunttoni13:53
  9. Ninja13:59
  10. fibby14:17


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GramaPenny, you're so welcome! xoxo

Thanks, Evie.

Loved the subject of this puzzle. Thank you


The date is on the schedule on the board above the dog's head. Aug. 24, 38.

OK, Evie ... my eyes aren't good. Where does it say 1938? You see Everything!


This was 1938 so I am guessing the rail travel was the way to get around Europe, but she better be getting home because 1939 was not a time you wanted to be travelling.

Sue, we are definitely on the same page regarding travel these days. I'm happy that I got to do my traveling when things were simpler and more enjoyable!


I was thinking that, too, Jeanne Marie! It's great when you arrive to the place you're staying but it's the getting there that is stressful...the airport, customs/security, car rental or bus/train stations, or driving in an unfamiliar city, etc.!

Thanks, Sue. She's obviously a seasoned traveler - otherwise, she'd be stressed out like most of us would be. Travel isn't as easy as it used to be!


Love this painting. They both look so relaxed:)

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