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He looks like any of my felines, caught red-handed!!!
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He does look a bit like your Morris. Cute.


LOL Probably after the catnip and potato chips! :o))

That's one loooong kitty!


Thank you Nev, @lefty50, Bob, Bernadette, Cyndi, Bev, Martha, Lilli, Penny and Evie for visiting and for you kind comments! Raúl


Cat 101 ! When I lived in my last rental house before I bought this one, we had a really old cat who belonged to someone in the neighbourhood but did wander from garden to garden sometimes. Well, one day all the fire equipment landed in my driveway. Shocked I ran out to see what was burning. But nothing was. The old man had climbed up the tallest tree in the area which was quite dead and in the property behind me. The fire department had brought their great big ladder truck and were getting ready to go up for the cat when it happily jogged down the trunk of the tree and wandered home. It was hillarious !! No surprise here as I had seen it do that before. It just liked the view from the top.


Maui gets into all sorts of stuff. this morning, she took a walk outside while my cousln Nancy was getting my garbage ready to put out, l asked her if she had seen the cat. she called her and Maui came to the door and meowed. "see, Nancy said,"she was right here". when Nancy left, Maui ran back in and peeked at Nancy from under the table. she was right there all the time


Hey, can do this...put a hind foot up on the shelf to the right, pull all claws in, jump, twist, land. Or wait for the photographer to rescue you... 😃


"Uh oh, there's no way out of this one"! Thanks, Raúl.


Sure is a long cat.




ROTFL! This is great!


A cat after my own heart! I'd go for the Guacamole mix first, too!


Careful, Kitty. That shelf doesn't look very stable.

Up is easy, getting back down......


For The Cat Lovers

@ParsonWayne @CathyTxDJ @racoonstar @Isaly2 @mycat1 @eagleboi @thurman @lilliwebs @Ianto @jbprols @Mischka @SPaceDinVADerOne @bevpuzzler8 @Surreal_Heidi @ringleader @Coffeeinbed @alliebono @rarodriguez49 @firstdawn @beyondwords @dudicat @jan42ful @jandchris @jeribar8 @toledo41 @lefty50 @sharonyaffe @mauismom @DaisyBella1 @4felines


He should know better, @luly, but I'm sure somebody helped him down, eventually. 😂 Raúl


This is so funny Raúl, The poor guy got stuck there, help.....!!!! 😹


Thanks, Ada and @rehek! Raúl


Koumák kočka. Copak asi hledala? Jídlo? Nebo místo, kde by se mohla schovat? 😀


So what's up there you think is for you? Hm? bad kitty. :)

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8 May 2019 - 23 August 2016
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