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Planning Underway

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Already dreaming . . .
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  1. hags311:05
  2. Dilubreuer1:08
  3. heagerty1:08
  4. alias2v1:09
  5. Berroye1:10
  6. canoekaw1:11
  7. Winsor1:23
  8. Raaike1:24
  9. Toto1:32
  10. Ladygrangran1:38


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Always room for dreams, Marilyn - especially over the rainbow dreams for girls from Kansas.
That it is, Susy. But am getting impatient now that there is an end in sight (of course, that end is only in sight if I can get Jack away from the sticker shock.).


Well worth the wait, my friend! xo


Dreaming is good.


Been waiting many years and saving lot of pennies for this Suzy.


Girl!!!! That is a FABULOUS DREAM! How very exciting!!!!! :))))


And guests are always welcome, Cathy.


That's a good plan! And until it happens it's a pleasant dream!


I miss it too, since I haven't been able to swim for 2 years. :-( ♥


The approval process takes a while so will not be enjoying the pool anytime soon. I do miss swimming.


This looks like a very nice plan. -))) ♥

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