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Figment 106

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Allow me to introduce a rare sight - the Jigidisaurus Puzzlii.

Found only on the Planet Zorb where it lives in great contentment on the open plains. It is a gentle and peaceful creature with an exclusive diet of jigsaw puzzle pieces. The Central Zorb Plains is where the Jigbits tree (Eucalyptus Signata Jigidii) grows in abundance.

It never solves a puzzle - it simply eats every piece it finds. If you have ever wondered why one or two pieces are missing from a puzzle; look no further. The cat, dog or goldfish did not chew them, hide them or drown them. No more suspicious thoughts about your pets now you know the truth!

PS Of course, one must never trust a vacuum cleaner not to take it's share of carelessly placed puzzle pieces ☺
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I hadn't a clue, missy! I'm a baby boomer who grew up in the 60s Down Under so some US song references are lost on me. Thanks for 'splainin', Lucy ☺☺
Next creation is under way! Well, it will be if I stop solving puzzles today LOL.


I thought that I should confirm whether or not you knew where the reference to my last comment was from...otherwise it would seem quite odd! In case not...
Lyrics from a song by artist Jimi Hendrix called Foxy Lady from the Jimi Hendrix Experience released in 1967. I was rolling with the 60's theme! lol
Looking forward to your next creation...Cheers! :-)


"Ah, but you won't find me!"
Thanks, missfit - I am happy you had an "experience' - at least it wasn't a scary one :-)


"Foxymoron, I'm comin to gitcha"
This puzzle was an "Experience"
Thank you! :-)


Oh, no! A ear worm I do not, definitely and decidedly not, need!

You're a clown, you know that right? ☺ ☺

How about "The Purple Puzzle Eater"? (music please)


Thanks, GG4. Adorable and unique :-)


Wasn't it just fun! And you solved it quickly too. Thanks, KimDee ☺


Ah, Denn... I am wiping tears from my eyes. You are too funny! You've no idea how I value your expert paleo input. I hope you were able to overcome the excitement of your discovery and managed to sleep soundly ☺
You have made my day!


Hey there, BusioCarol! It has no name so the naming rights are all yours :-)
Let me know what you choose LOL.

Thank you he is adorable


What fun! :)

Foxy, I've been studying fossils for decades, but, before
you discovered this DINO I had not seen an 8 legged creature. (except a spider)
This has to be the discovery of the last 10 centuries in the
paleo world. Congradulations. Won't beable to sleep tonight!!! lol


Love your Jigigisaurus Story. I'll never look at the dog again for my missing pieces. Does your Jigigisaurus have a name? We'll have to work on that. Thank you for a fun puzzle.

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