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Me & Dusty!

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I think we have too much snow!
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Tomorrow, Dusty! Supposed to start tomorrow! :) :) :)


We got a bit more...but no matter how much we got (10"..12"...or 20 ") it was a big storm! One we won't soon forget! Now, can we please get some spring? Please?
Dusty : |


A view of spring from Wisconsin?


LOL! Feels that way here too. We got about 10 inches. Some folks got more like 20. How about you?


80 would be nice for once. lol The sun is out today and there's a lot of melting going on. 47 out there right now. :-))

Gosh...Don't let go of Dusty's leash or you will both get lost in that snow!! :-)
We are having more rain/sleet/hail/snow flurries, along with incredible winds and highs of 42F. But it was 80F on Sat and nice--wish it had lasted!

Sorry. :)


Today is much better.(?) The plow crew even dug out a little spot for Dusty to "relieve" himself!
Carol, I still think I'd rather have rain...moss...wind. It's still cold here. I'll bet you can see green grass. Oh well, things WILL improve....I hope

Dusty : |


Jals, you are so right!


Rain gets old too!


A delightful depiction of your circumstances - thanks! Probably not at all delightful to you, that you are experiencing so much snow...


LOL at your depiction of your current status............not laughing at you having to deal with it. Think I will stop complaining about our rain-wind-moss-rain-wind-moss..........


Dusty, the plows went by my house about 5 times this morning. Now, if I can manage to get out of the driveway, I should be good to go! lol


dustydog - will winter ever end this year - love Little Bit ♥


Thought you'd like this! This was before the plow crew got here this morning!
Dusty : )


I love this, Dusty and Dusty's mom! lol

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