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Brookside Gardens

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Earlier this summer cousin Cheerie Lou went walking at Brookside Gardens. She sent me several photos from her walk that she thought I might be able to use for a collage. These three in the middle column were not going to make a collage by themselves. I hope your will enjoy the original photos and two kaleidos each. Thanks, Cheerie Lou.
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  2. swimbee0:49
  3. FanASL0:53
  4. rockbit1:00
  5. ullauhrskov1:06
  6. aczym1:07
  7. MarshaG611:09
  8. Jwarner1:14
  9. racoonstar1:17
  10. Warehouse1:20


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Thank you, Susan. Not an easy puzzle. ☺


The photos and the Kaleidos are marvelous! Wonderful, fun puzzle created by talent and caring.


Thanks, Shirley. The blue star is the water from the lake. I liked that one too plus the roses and the middle right. You're time was much better than my 2:11 and this was my puzzle!!!


You're welcome, TOG.


Lovely idea, Ardy, I love the two created from the beautiful pink roses but my very favourite is the gorgeous blue star, Thanks, Ardy. !:45 I seem to just miss the board these days.


Thank you all :~)


Thanks, Barb. The photos were all great but I also think the roses made the best kaleidos. I haven't put my rain gauge out this year as I can't get out to read and or empty it. 87 here at 4 p.m. and muggy also cloudy with occasional sun. Hope you have a nice weekend. Stay cool. Hugs ♥


Ardy, I love them all but the pink rose and the two kals you made from them are the top for me. Thank you for experimenting. So sorry your petunias got too soggy but they will be OK. They are fast growers and will hsve new buds and flowers soon. My predicted storms and rain fizzled out and we are back to sunny and low 100. Hope your day is going nicely. Hugs ☺♥


Good afternoon, Sandi. Glad you liked these. It was kind of an experiment for me to see what I could do. Thank you. It's 86 here now and cloudy. The sun peeks out at times. We had another storm yesterday. It was flashy and noisy and gave us about 5 minutes of very heavy rain. The petunias were having to struggle back up again today. Yesterday when Cheerie Lou took my walker down the steps so I could get around outdoors she also removed the branch off the walk. Then we discovered it was not from my dogwood tree but rather was from a tulip poplar. I know of no tulip poplars around here. I also discovered there are three tomato plants out back - two in the back garden and one in the big pot on the patio. They all have green tomatoes on them. SO maybe I'll get to each some soon. Happy stewing or saucing. ((HUGS))


Beautiful puzzle, Ardy. Thank you and thanks also to Cheerie Lou. I love all of them. We have another hot day with no rain yet. We had some thunder around 4 am, but no rain. I'm canning tomato sauce again today. I don't want even one tomato to go to waste. The house smells delicious. Have a wonderful day!



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