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Winter in North Vancouver

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a city bench in North Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada
I took this picture yesterday.
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Thank you Laura. I love to find nice notes on my puzzles! : )


Don't mind me...just catching up with some puzzles.


Oh, good!


Hi Patti. Thank you for your note. : )
We had lots of rain so the snow is gone.


Wow, Cathy! This is how our winter has felt too.


Hi Dave. Thanks for your note. I'm so glad you are posting puzzles again! You always choose the best pictures. : )


Wow! No wonder we have no snow here in Virginia USA this year--you have it all.☺


Thank you very much Suzy! ❤

That's right Willy. They are having a huge blizzard. : (


Nothing compared to Newfoundland.


That's one cold seat!
Great photo, Cathy. ♥♥


Hi Carol. I'm always glad to hear from you! I will visit your puzzle page soon. : )

Hi Olando. Thank you for your note. Our winters are getting milder too. Today it is 9C and the snow is melting fast.

Hi Wendy. You are wise to be careful. Even though the sidewalk is clear you still have to get across a snowbank to cross the street. : )


Honestly Cathy, I think you guys in Vancouver and N. North Vancouver got more snow than we did out here in Mission. Even Abbotsford across the river got more than us. We got enough to keep us inside though. I have not been out of the house in well over a week. I don't have a problem driving in it, but I am terrified to walk and slip. At my age I cannot afford a fall. Thank goodness Save On Food deliver!! But I did hear the harsh weather warnings have been lifted and today we have blue sky and sunshine. Let's just hope this is the end of the bad weather. - Wendy


I haven't seen so much snow in Denmark for years. This winter has been "warm" and rainy. It's a bit scary.


Cevas :) I am certain he would recognize it. We grew up on the 200 block of 14th (oh so MANY years ago). Right now he lives close to you. I will post a puzzle of his two cats in his are likely to recognize the view?? :)


Hi Carol. Good idea! The bench is on 15th Street near the lane behind the Bank of Montreal. It is much warmer today so the snow is melting quickly. : )


Hi Cevas! These two puzzles gave me a chuckle. I was just going to mail my brother and ask about snow.......think instead I will send him your two pictures and he can wonder where I got them! ;)


Hi smllpkg. Thank you for your note. When I was young walking through the snow was fun ... now it isn't.


Yikes! Been there, done that, and don't like it very much.


Hi Rebecca. Yes, I thought it was an interesting natural snow formation. : )

Hi JM. Yes, the weather is doing odd things. Do you want your snow back? : )

Hi Lorna. The children are delighted ... the adults are not so happy. : )


I see you weren't joking when you said winter was in full swing then Cathy. That is no mean amount of snow! ☺


No snow in Burlington Ontario, just green grass and rain, looks like we have swapped winter weather.


Bench with a "head rest" - nice! ;)

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