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Swiss Alps, Valais canton, Switzerland, Europe

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Autumn view of Zermatt village in Swiss Alps, Valais canton, Switzerland, Europe. In the background, you see Matterhorn peak. Matterhorn has an impressive elevation of 4,478 meters.

Over time many have attempted climbing Matterhorn, but it has proven to be one of the most dangerous mountains to climb. You’ll have Italy on one side and Switzerland on the other, standing on top of the Matterhorn. And today, we climb it together ♥ (Brace yourself; the climb down will have you hold your breath!)
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A big wow. Thanks ♥♥♥

What an exhilarating way o start my day, climbing Matterhorn! Thanks for the video!! Thanks for the puzzle!


Thanks for the wonderful video. I am sure (at my age) that is as close as I will ever be to climbing this beautiful mountain.

Beautiful country.

I love the area and have been there a few times. I have not tried to climb the Matterhorn but can't you get a ride up. If I remember you end up going through the center of the mountain,

I remember my Mother taking me to see the film White Cradle Inn, that was made in 1947, I was 12yrs at the time and had to leave the theatre as there were scenes that were heart stopping, When ever I see photos of the Matterhorn I think of this movie.
Thank you Jigidi for all of the wonderful jigsaws


Oufff!…my heart stop couple of times while watching the video 💓
Priceless!!! Thanks Jigidi 😊

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