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Shallow ponds and minor canals were frozen over sufficiently for skating.

The fun lasted no more than 2 days.

Amsterdam feb/march 2018

Through the blue link at 'Image copyright' you can access a site that shows pictures and a video of people skating on one of the main canals in Amsterdam. And a short video of somebody going through the ice.
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@ikook It's good to see that you have checked in, Marry. We've missed you...and have been wondering how you are. Hope everything is okay...and that you are staying safe. Ank is not well but is remaining optimistic. ❤️❤️❤️


Great fun ! I wonder what the chance of ice is this year. It's been too warm lately.


How nice to have a skating rink in your back garden!


Dank je Marry, maar ik heb 2 FB paginas waar ik regelmatig naar kijk, over koninklijke huizen. Daar zullen ook wel foto's van Beatrix 80 op komen. Doe stuur maar niet op, maar het was heel lief om aan me te denken. Misschien dat Annie/Pru het wel leuk zal vinden. Zij zet nog wel eens foto's op FB van Maxima etc.


Yes, rather silly, Willy. Smh as they say.

Willy, ik neem ongeveer 1 x per kwartaal een gratis magazine mee uit de supermarkt. Het heet 'Oranje Boven'. Deze keer een special over Beatrix die 80 is geworden. Mooie foto's. Zal ik het naar je toesturen?


The ice was barely thick enough, Janet, and many warnings were issued, but everybody was very much aware that it wouldn't get any better. A matter of now or never.
Most people that gave it a go were lucky. Some went through the ice and got a scare and wet clothes. Nothing serious as far as I know.
Hugs back, Janet ☺


You can borrow mine, Faye ;-)


I read in the is melting like crazy and people go on the ice anyway, and go through it.


What fun Marry, but I guess you need to be really sure it is thick enough. Are there ever accidents?
Thanks and hugs dear friend. ♥☺♥


I'll bring my water wings just in case! LOL


...I think the ice may have melted by then, Faye... And look what happens to the canals:
We may have that one under control by the time you get here. I'm looking forward to it!


Haha, Ank, ik ook!


You have me excited about returning now, Marry! :)))


Leuk om te zien, maar Bella en ik bleven veilig op de kant. ☺


You are right, Suzy, it doesn't happen often. Last time was 2012. The images in the link are of march 2, 2018.

The windchill from Siberia and the cracks in the ice made me decide against trying. But I did enjoy all the excitement!


☺ Faye


Were you out there both days skating away, Marry? :)
Are the photos on the link (which is wonderful) from this year? I know that the canals don't freeze over too often.


Thank you, Marry...we both recognized the church steeple...and I remembered a couple of the houseboats. :DDD


Faye, I added a link to people skating on a canal you may recognise. It has Westertoren church in the background.

Wim, m'n zus belde: op de Prinsengracht werd volop geschaatst. Toch wel weer een prachtig gezicht. Ik heb bij 'Image copyright' een link gezet die je kunt aanklikken.


Hullie, hoor, wammetje. Ikke niet. Ik krijg de stuipen van krakend, golvend ijs met scheuren. En water eronder. Ik heb op mijn schoenen op het randje gestaan, en besloten dat ik het niet ging doen.

Ja, dit is een klein kort ondiep grachtje, hier ging het, tussen 2 bruggen in, niet te dichtbij komen. Ook op ondiepe meertjes in parken.

Een deel van de Keizersgracht is een paar dagen geleden afgesloten voor vaarverkeer en de sluizen dichtgezet zodat er zo min mogelijk stroming was, om de ijsvorming maximaal de kans te geven. Maar van wat ik op internet heb gezien, hebben maar 2 mensen zich daar op schaatsen op het ijs gewaagd.


Toch nog kunnen schaatsen in jouw Amsterdam? Dit zouden wel eens historische opnames kunnen zijn. Bedankt Mary omdat ik heb kunnen mee genieten.


It's kind of a big thing here, Faye. Weeks ago the weather man started announcing a possible spell of frost. Which in itself is a rarity this late in the season. From then the buzz started: will it be cold enough long enough. Last time was 2012.

I bought these skates in 2012 because a friend of mine had similar ones and enjoyed skating. The next year she fell and ended up wit a slight concussion. She doesn't skate anymore.
My skates made me rediscover skating, they are really a big help and make it a fun experience. I may take them to the rink one more time next week if the weather is nice.
I'm 58 now, made a nasty fall with my skates 2 years ago, and I'm not going to go on skating until I'm 70. I'm not as skilled as the woman you know, so the risk is getting a bit high.


I remember the excitement (as a child) when a local lake froze over...every couple of decades or so...

Your fancy speed skates remind me of a woman at our church...late 70's and she was speed skating once a week! :)))

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