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roo taking a break during Australia day celebrations. Happy belated Australia Day!!!
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  1. like921150:29
  2. nfourni0:31
  3. coventrycv50:32
  4. jell1140:33
  5. Kittygram440:33
  6. davist0:37
  7. Mystiqual0:40
  8. Pammers10:40
  9. orake0:41


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i know laura! like human with a dog head, clawed feet and hands, furry dinosaur belly, butt and tail, and jackass ears! i was thinking it was like creatures roulette, take all parts and shuffle. my this one has such strong arms (sorta like michelle??? ; ), and looks like she/he is waiting for a manicure.


Wow! So human, I had a hard time believing it's real.


I know Tex, what a pose, eh? like, er... pass me a foster's mate... i wonder if our aussie friends can tell us if the origin of the word kangaroo really was aborigine for "I don't know."


This is hilarious! All I could think of was Mae West with her "Come on up and see me sometime". All this guy needs is some lipstick! Thanks.


can't figure what the buttons are on its ears... cattle ear tags? not exactly. thanks lydie!


too funny

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