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The Netherlands, Giethoorn.

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This is the last photo of Giethoorn. But I promised you to show you a bit of the surroundings. Giethoorn is beautiful, but very touristic. There are no roads, that's nice. Yes maybe, but also in winter, and also if it rains cats and dogs.
I rather would live in one of the villages around. Beautiful with roads. ☺
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Hi dear Ank
This is a beautiful old house,with its thatch roof and nice flowers .Very much like what we see in Normandy ,love it.TFS




Thank you Brian, you are great, have a beautiful day :-))) hugs


Thanks Brian and Graciela. Every day a bit better Gracie. ♥♥♥
Brian all the photos I posted made by Gouwenaar are on the Monumentenregister and I agree some look very modern. I think it's because they changed the windows and of course the roof does a lot.


Love the roof and the greenery! Glad to see you back posting Ank! take care!


Nice photo, I was surprised to find this house is on the Monumentenregister, it looks quite modern ☺☺


No that isn't. I don't know how long it last, but it has to be renewed regularly. ♥
Fun coincidence, you was solving mine when I was solving yours. ☺♥☺


I wonder if the roof is good forever.


No problem for me Hanne. Actually I only can agree. ☺♥☺


This is the first house I can say that I don't like. The roof misses something on this side!! Sorry Ank! Thanks so very much! :-)))


Well you know I am a water person, but I fully agree with you. I prefer roads and cars too.☺♥☺


Not being a water person, I would definitely prefer roads and cars.


Janinka, We are back to normal with the temp. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm with a lot rain. Now we have 20 C. I have no idea about BS, there must be something wrong. Hugs ♥♥♥


Glad you like it Lorna.


Lovely photo and link! Thank you both.


Thanks friends, it was a great visit. The virtual and the real. Linda your are right about the link, it's fabulous and yes the photo of the bridal couple stepping into a boat is lovely. No one will know how she gets out ☺☺☺
Glad you liked the visit friends, tomorrow more. ☺


Love this one .. And that roof is outstanding ...


A wonderful link! I love the photo there with the bridal couple stepping into a boat. I hope the bride made a better job of getting out of the boat than I did recently. ☺☺☺
Thanks, Ank and Brian. ♥


Friends I just posted a link that Brian found, just press the blue button. ☺


Lovely. I've enjoyed this tour of Giethoorn as much as our boat tour. It really is very pretty.
Thanks, Ank, for introducing me to this unique and delightful place. ♥♥♥


It's a beautiful house. You're certainly right about is difficult to live there.
Thank you so much.
I still think of you, in this heat of it for you very difficult. Take care of yourself, please be careful. ♥♥♥ Do you know anything new about our BS? I see that she is online, but does not send a new puzzle, and does not write any comments.
Hugs dear ♥♥♥


Lovely home; I agree with you. No roads is more scenic, but a lot more inconvenient!


A lovely building, and in this picture much enhanced by the fabulous sky.


Beautiful! But i can't imagine no roads!

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