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Sophie - I've spent the morning....

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... outside, sitting in the rain. It's stopped now so I've come in to dry off...
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  1. DeDonder3:49
  2. babray4:25
  3. zhaba474:29
  4. scbrown4:36
  5. amf4:46
  6. Isobel20055:36
  7. Lowmil5:47
  8. lesleystegner6:21
  9. Parker367:02
  10. Kayell7:22


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She's really enjoying the showers at the moment. I couldn't get her in last night - it was very warm - so I eventually went to bed. Couldn't sleep - too humid - and realised it had started to rain quite hard. Still no Sophie... About 4 am, a large soggy cat landed on the bed. I think I'd been asleep for about an hour....

You are so right, Pammi...


Did you enjoy your shower Sophie?


Lovely fresh clean coat then Sophie?


Sophie, what a cheeky little girl you are putting your wet furry body all over your mum's clean (and dry) settee. It's just as well she luvs ya. ☺♥☺

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