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Well, my computer'a hard drive quit on me, so my son installed a new hard drive and Windows 10. Now I can no longer use my favorite image editor, my old PhotoShop program. I'm running into lots of roadblocks trying to find a replacement. I'm just happy I can still connect with you all here! Enjoy the song in the link below.
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  1. menschtuls32:19
  2. Strandb3rgg33:31
  3. dhara36:17
  4. Cchuning36:38
  5. chiaki38:30
  6. alcyonly41:01
  7. lefleur42:42
  8. threeseas42:57
  9. pgon43:17
  10. rochey43:53


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Thanks, Mahalo! I'm glad you enjoyed it. (✬‿✬) - Teresa

Really nice puzzle. Thank you.




Hi Teresa .. That baby is my newest Great grandson .. He was born Dec 10 .. It is a shame that some of the programs we have don't work other operating systems .. When I moved to windows 10 I was fortunate that didn't happen to me .. But I did run into problems when the other computer in the office stopped receiving e-mails .. It was windows 7 system and as of the middle of January we were not getting anymore updates so I decided to get a new all in one .. Then our printer scanner wouldn't work . I always scan the invoices and send them to this one company .. Well it wouldn't do what I wanted .. I found out the printer needed to be upgraded to windows 10 and after I did that it still wouldn't work .. Finally I had to download outlook to get everything to work .. :-)))


Hi, Pat! I was lucky enough to have one of those external hard drives that I put all my stuff on before the crash, so I have all my photos and documents. I just can't use the old PhotoShop program with the new Windows10. I am having to use a program I don't like that doesn't work as easily as PS. Poor me. But everything else in life is great. Who is that adorable baby? (✬‿✬) - Teresa


Hi, Totovader! Thanks much. I have lots of your fantastic puzzles bookmarked to catch up on. (✬‿✬) - Teresa


fasstar .. I know what you are going thru .. At one time I had our office computer go out on me, after I replaced the hard drive .. I went to best buy and got a (Hard Drive Enclosure for 3.5" SATA Hard Drives) . They have them for laptops also .. It plugs into your new computer by a USB .. You can take things off the old hard drive that you need. Hope this will help you .


this was fun! thanks T

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