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Master Miles Chilling

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The second oldest of the grand kids. Who after just turning 2, has got down the fine art of chilling.
Our mountain climber, spends his days pulling out drawers to use them as stair steps to all the hidden goodies he is not supposed to play with.
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I am worried too Bev, I have emailed him, with no reply.

Where are man? We've been looking for you. 3-12-22 Bev


He is adorable! I like his spunk! Thanks, Ken!


I love the sunglasses and paci combo! What a cutie! And how nice when they "chill" a little and let you catch your breath. lol
Thanks for sharing, Ken! He's a keeper!


He is so darn cool, and cute.☺♥☺


Exactly what I meant, Ken! In addition, they are still packed with chocolate and ice cream!


Spoil and then send them home. Let the trouble reign. Snicker


Hey Ken,
it's very lovely that you have such kind of little peoples to follow. Parts of their grandfather and grandmother are the best. They have no responsibility for, and they can only pamper children.


No Emmaline is his first cousin and Max is his older bro. He is working on is way to being an engineer / architect.


Ken, he is adorable. Is he by any chance Emmaline's big brother? You have some very cute grandchildren. I think Miles has inherited his grandpa's "coolness." Thanks for sharing this precious picture.


How cool is he, and inventive too! What a little star.☺

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