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  1. puppsgal1:42
  2. racoonstar1:47
  3. Ianto1:58
  4. katiedog2:11
  5. MoreJunk2:15
  6. togocat2:24
  7. KatKrazy2:30
  8. starcatlady62:33
  9. Raven23:15
  10. Bjerre373:40


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Raven was five months old when we got her from the shelter and, that night, the first thing she did was to establish that my desk and everything on it was hers. I got mastered in one day! All it took was a kiss on the eye. KatKrazy, you have your hands full!


I have three who just love to step on the keyboard while my companion plays her daily games. One just walks across and stretches. No idea what key he hits, but the screen disappears. Usually the ESC key will return it. Another takes a nap and covers the whole keyboard. Thanks to the mouse god for it's functionality. The third just strolls by and knocks the stuffed cats down onto the keyboard. Spend ten minutes putting the animals back on the shelf. The joys of being "Mastered" by felines.


Treats always work with Raven. She is such a little con artist. In the morning, she begs for treats from me, then she goes to my husband and begs for treats, then, after she eats those, she comes back to me and begs! Then she asks for part of his breakfast.


Good idea! She loves treats! :o))


Parfait is a fresh little girl! I ask Raven if any of my emails are interesting and she turns around, kisses me, and then lies down on the keyboard. I use treats to get her up. She has no interest in the laptop unless I'm using it. 🐱💖


Raven is just like my Parfait who loves to mess with my laptop even when I'm using it! She just hops on the table & walks onto the keys and sits herself down. She typed a whole line of Zs across the screen! I think she was telling me to move it 'cause she
wanted to take a nap right there. When I tried to move her she hissed at me and swatted her paw at me. So, mention to Raven to respect you & and ask before reading your emails. Good luck. :o))


I wish she answered them. I feel like I spend half the day answering emails! She can't figure out why I'm spending time looking at emails when I should be playing with her and petting her.

Does Raven answer them also? if yes, can I borrow Raven...

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16 November 2019 - 23 April 2017
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