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"Plain" is part of their name, not just my description. This bird is primarily found in Mexico. The only place they are found in the U.S. is in the lower Rio Grande River Valley, in the vicinity near Brownsville, Texas. That is where I came across this one, and a couple of others. They are large birds, something like a pheasant. I was really surprised when this one popped out of some dense bush close to me. It kind of felt surreal. Given their extremely limited range in our country, as a bird watcher, it was a real treat.
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  1. moyrita7:47
  2. mariolyn8:37
  3. nanlein8:44
  4. egerton9:44
  5. olando9:51
  6. hsrgnt3910:50
  7. claude7010:54
  8. jag4611:20
  9. Trapper11:37
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mariolyn, they are common in Mexico but they just barely make it over the border to Texas. Terry


A flock woke us every morning in Cancun. What a racket.


jignjw: Nancy, ....and I always thought it was, "Chickie chickie boom boom." Terry

Terry--Thank you for an interesting story & photo of a bird I'm sure I'll never see. I like the sound of its name so I started a song in my head...Boom Chachalaka Chacha Boom Chachalaka Chacha Boom Boom Boom! Now I can't stop the song but I have learned to spell Chachalaka. Funny way to start my day. :)) Nancy
PS-wasn't the old rock & roll song something like Boom Chicka Boom?


theodoraj, you are very welcome, Terry

another great bird picture.
Thank you for your detailed information the other day. I admire your expertise.


Nan and BJEE, thank you both for solving this bird. I have had this puzzle made up for several years and was reluctant to post it because I knew it wouldn't draw many solves. I am staying longer on my trip out to Montana than I thought. I had made up a number of puzzles for Sue to post but she was running low on the good puzzles and has had to post some lately that have not been that popular. The good news is, I will come home with a number of new photos that I will post over the coming months. Terry


Thank you for sharing this rare find with us! such a crisp photo, can count his feathers! And i like his beard, too.

That's pretty cool how he came out of all that vegetation for you! Love his little beard!

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