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Another granddog, Natasha, getting ready to howl, just for fun!

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Ann, Sarah is coming to visit for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to tell her about you howling with your dog. I'll find out if she ever tried it and let you know!


Natasha is so pretty & I remember her from pictures before with, I think, Sarah's other dog. She is a fine member of your family.
:-) I guess I do get funny sometimes, but mostly I just have fun when I can--& howling with a dog is really FUN! I get so tickled at myself, & at the expressions on the faces of the dogs as they howl--I think they're having fun, too. And each of us 'Howlers' sounds different. They say yelling into a pillow when you're angry or frustrated helps make you feel better---well howling with your dog just makes you LAUGH. It is something everybody should try. Just tilt your head back & HOWL! :- Owooooo! ...........


Thanks Auntie, I just found your reply.

Ann, I wish I could hear all that howling. You are some wonderful funny friend!


With my dog all I have to do is say the word "sing". He knows exactly what it means & as soon as he rips that first howl, I join in. The neighbors think it's funny as H_ _ _ ! And they know our noise will get their SIX dogs going too. Gets a bit noisy around here sometimes! :-D .................


Beautiful girl, Mimi. Our 'pups' are all black with white markings


Thank you Ank. I'm glad you understand my silly ways. Also, I'm glad you like Natasha.


That is the most honest I ever heard from a mother and grandmother. Mostly if I say something like that people look in a way,... How can you say that?
I love children I love dogs I love cats. They make me happy and they can annoy me. But I can apparently better against the crying of a dog as the whining of a child. Love this granddog Mimi, he will have a place in my album too.


Thanks Jan, I know I am, and it's hard to say which group I like best! :)


You are so lucky, Mimi - granddogs AND grandkids!! :))


So glad you liked them Pat, I did too!

Memories of the pets we loved are really special. Glad this picture brought back some of yours, RS.

Thanks Shirley, I have to agree.

Hanne, my granddaughter Sarah said she wished she had taken the picture just a few seconds later when Natasha did indeed give a great big HOWL!


Then go on - HOWL!!! Thanks so very much Mimi!!


Natasha is a beautiful girl, Thanks Mimi.


You have beautiful ganddogs Mimi.... This one reminds me of my Bishop... He was that one in a million... Thanks for the memories.... :) :)


Love the set today Mimi


Thanks chickiemama, puzzaddled, Patti and punkin. Natasha is quite a girl, part wolf but gentle and sweet as can be.




Mine only howls when the sirens go by. :) Beautiful dog! Thanks!


Ah woo, Natasha! You look like you'd be a fun pal to have.


Beautiful grandpup!


You are right gemstone, grandchildren and puppies can't be beat. I'm very thankful!


You are so lucky! Grandchildren and grandpuppies! :DDD

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