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Inviting Entrance

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  1. Hasli0:45
  2. Dclo0:49
  3. CrazyCat500:54
  4. iwalkden19630:55
  5. auntmom71:05
  6. Robbos1:07
  7. zubar11:09
  8. Cindy571:13
  9. Deanna1:13
  10. canuckkate1:18


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Thank you, ginnie5749☺



Cheers, 9282Monica☺

An interior decorator once told me that I could tell when something was "wrong..." I just didn't know how to fix it. I guess I also can see when something is right but I don't know how to recognize it. (Joke's on me.) Thanks for all your responses and thanks for posting this Robbos.


Thanks for your comments, girlina, Marina☺


A visit to grandmom's garden entrance. A door of expectations.

Solidly built, sheltering, a weather the storm kind of building! The vine encircling the doorway promises a lush colorful display come spring. Think this is in the Fall, as the greens are not the brilliant shades of Spring or Summer. Only thing I'd change is to put stained glass in the door and sidelight windows - for a punch of interest and privacy!
Yup, I'd rather let Nature do its thing, too, Rob.....only my HOA won't let me!!!!!


To me, it's clean, very basic neat and tidy, cheery. The building being constructed with cream bricks/stones would help to keep cool and the dark colored door sets things off. Maybe elderly owners who do not have time on their hands to do gardening/watering and rather let nature do it's thing.
Thanks 9282Monica☺

I commented below this is an inviting house. Now I am trying to figure out why so many of us think that. There are no flowers, the walk and stoop need to be swept and there is nothing exceptional except a beautiful door that contrasts nicely against the stone. Yet it IS inviting. I like it a lot. Anyone care to comment?


Thanks for your solves and comments, Leah, Fishes, 6rescues☺


Wish they would invite us in to see the interior.


A beauty!


A very welcoming homely entrance - thanks Rob**


Thanks for your solves and comments, Annetta, girlinaglass92☺

Like this a lot!


When I see this door I love all those people!!!


Thanks for your solve and comment, 9282Monica☺

This IS a very inviting entrance.

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