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My Bonica Rose (08-08-2020)

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Remember those buds (27 July) when I last posted my Bonica Rose?.....just look at her now! ☺
For an "overall" photo just check out my link below)
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  1. allison112:36
  2. liertje19782:36
  3. babray2:51
  4. Horn2:59
  5. Impie3:04
  6. EllaMB3:14
  7. mojasasenka3:15
  8. Pekaji3:28
  10. canalview3:45


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Thank you, Nancy. Yes it's a lovely sight to view from upstairs as well. Our temperatures are dropping a bit, (it's now 23°C outside) but we've had a heatwave since last week's Thursday and most of my Bonica flowers have turned pale pink to white! :-))
P.S. I'm not worried, it did happen before! ☺


Gorgeous....your Bonica rose has always done well, but it seems even more abundant this year. I bet the upstairs view is pretty spectacular as well! :-))


Thanks, Anne. The greenery is so much better and darker than in past years since I (since last year) didn't spray it anymore against lice! In the past one branch would carry 20 buds/flowers. Now there are about 7 or 8 on a branch but that's much better. When it rained the wet branches with 20 flowers would get too heavy and bend down.


How fantastic it is this year! More roses then I think I've seen it bear in past photogrpahs! Lucky you.


She might have, Faye, though she's more "polite" and doesn't block my garden view from inside....;-)))

Thank you, Nan..!

They sure did, Ella, she has a lot more buds to pop open....but the heat (36°C) of today and the coming days, won't do much good to any of my plants!
Liertje has a hydraulic plant sprayer and I'm gonna fill it with rainwater from my barrel and spray my Bonica when she's in the shade this afternoon. Only watering at her foot, is hardly enough now!:)

Thank you, goldie2020. It's my pleasure and I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle.:)


Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing


Oooo! Those buds really popped! I see more to come, too! I love the nice dark healthy leaves, too!




I think she must be taking lessons from your Acer! ;DDD

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