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"Bibimbap in my school in Korea"

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Posted by darkrealm190 on Reddit. She is a teacher and frequently posts pics of high school lunches.

Starting top left: kimchi (김치), sour yogurt drink (순수 요구르트), cucumber kimchi (오이김치), stir fried sausages (소시지볶음), Jeonju bibimbap (전주비빔바), stinky as all hell but one of my favorites: fermented soybean soup (청국장), tornado potato with sugar.

Some comments:

"Other countries should learn from South Korea when it comes to school meals."

"I was today years old when I learned of the TORNADO POTATO."
"It’s a common state fair food everywhere in the US. Sometimes called spiraled potatoes."

"Was gonna say most U.S. kids would only eat the sausage and potatoes."

"You eat what you grow up with and mimic what your parents enjoy at the dinner table. Kids growing up in the Midwest during my days had awful bland, fried, flavorless food. Nowadays, Korean bbq has opened up some mid-size towns to the deliciousness of gochujang and other fermented sweet flavors."

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Just hand me the tornado potato 😋


How can anyone eat that much for lunch, and stay awake?


I want a nap just reading about that amount of food - how do the kids stay awake for the afternoon?

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