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185_8327 Araujia sericifera, Moth Plant, Moth vine, Asclepiadaceae

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A very pretty but very nasty weed!!
Garden escape. Climber that smothers shrubs and small trees, depressing their growth. Weed of wasteland and forests adjoining settlement mainly in coastal higher rainfall areas.
"Perennial climber with twining stems, climbing to 6 m on supporting vegetation. Leaves oblong to triangular, 3–11 cm long, 1–6 cm wide, base of midrib on upper surface with finger-like small glands; base at right-angles to leaf stalk that is 0.5–4 cm long. Fruit a blue-green pod initially, turning brown and woody with age, splitting to release seeds. Seeds black, numerous, about 4 mm long and ending in a tuft of white silky hairs about 2.5 cm long."
Native to southern Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.
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Hello jacki! You're lucky it isn't related & hopefully it won't appear at your place!! It is not a very friendly plant!!!!!!!!


Hello Dilubreuer! Yes lovely to look at but do not grow it if it is ever in your area!!


Hi jeaneth! Not sure, but anytime it's around is too long - it is a very nasty weed, no matter how pretty it is!! Sorry!


Hello daasha, thanks for visiting!


very pretty. very unusual buds which almost look like four o clocks. but i just checked and it's not related.


Beautiful Kate! Tfs.


how lovely is it long lived?


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