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My Kitty Kismet

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  1. suekev113:01
  2. GrandmaJo3:31
  3. togocat3:41
  4. mcmc3:42
  5. Erzulis3:58
  6. Jrg7144:01
  7. kayboblee4:08
  8. Guest0014:09
  9. ejbjb4:11
  10. suesangeleyes4:16


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mcmc, I love the eyes of all cats. They have such amazing colors and their eyes are even more beautiful set off by their fur. I have another kitty with blue eyes but his are paler,

Kizmet, wow, those eyes, true perfection, as only a cat can be!


Clearly, you have lots of fun and love ahead of you! Enjoy your cute sweetie, felinefrenzy.

Kizmet's eyes are just amazing!!!!

five cats, Denise, five cats...I'm looking forward to the new litter where you can just lift up the lining and throw the whole thing will cost more, but it's time...tell your husband I'm impressed, the love from the little critters is palpable...he's a lucky have you and them...Sherry :)))


Sherry, my husband loves the kitties almost as much as I do. He complains about the hair, litter, etc. but he enjoys petting and playing with them. I do all the litter box cleaning which I try not to think about how many times I have scooped in the last 5 years! Denise

I'll have to get my son to help me upload...I'm good at operating programs once I learn, but not this part yet, definitely will let you know. Does your husband secretly love them?...


Sherry, I am so excited for you getting to bring home two new kitties. My husband says no more but I am hoping to adopt another one or two that have special needs such as blind, deaf, deformities etc.
I am sorry to hear that your kitties have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. I can't imagine how hard that must be to deal with. Please be sure and post some puzzles of the new family members when you bring them home. My first cat was given to me by my daughter but the rest are all rescue kitties. Denise

I love the names you've chosen! Rocky died 2 years ago next month, and Pebbles died last July...miss them both so much, but needed to go through mourning and get some money for new babies, which will happen next month. I will be adopting 2, hope to get litter worked out so well with Pebbles and Rocky, he was 15 and she was 16...both indoor, yes, unless they got out, which did happen a couple of extended times for each of them...and we were so careful...but thankfully, we got them both back okay and got to love them for a very long them from a friend for free and will go to the Humane Society this time...please give all of yours a pat for me...take care...Sherry :)))


sbwilner, yes, I have five cats currently living indoors only (unless they sneak out) with us. Kismet and Pixie are appx. 4 & 1/2 yrs. old, Tucker is appx. 2 & 1/2. My youngest are Pukah and Brownie (littermates) about 2 yrs. old. All of them are boys except Pixie. I love hearing what people have named their cats.

And to me s/he looks young, how old are they all...oh, and I might as well ask, because I am interested, what are their names...I love the name, Kismet! ... Mine were Rocky and son named hem when he was 10...Rocky for The Rock and Pebbles for his baby daughter who was still a baby and they had named her Pebbles, not for Rocky the moose or Pebbles from the Flintstones...everyone would ask us...we were more in the 21st century...Sherry :)))


you have five cats living with you at the current time? Just times I found 2 of them quite taxing...more power to you...are they indoor or outdoor at times...Sherry :)))


I think he's a beautiful kitty but I am a little biased. He's the "firstborn" of my five cats.


Cute kitty :)

such a beautiful those eyes!

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