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  1. lukasa19773:35
  2. Bronwen3:40
  3. phantom3:42
  4. sairbair3:49
  5. nmtighe3:54
  6. robdagg4:01
  7. Dee1401574:12
  8. sofiav4:19
  9. MaryElin4:37
  10. bdplayer4:37


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I will go one step further than phantom in refuting OldManMontgomery. "Hate" is not a "curious" word; it is a vile one, and descriptive of fear-based behavior that has only contributed to humanity's misery over the millenia. All of our tragic slaughter of each other has had philosophical/pseudo-religious underpinnings. Like Gandhi, I would say: "Christianity is a very interesting and beautiful religion, and I should like to learn more about it, if I were EVER to meet a real Christian (he was speaking this in 1930's Europe)." I am beginning to think Christianity has NOTHING to do with Jesus, who practiced Judaism. Please tell me WHERE (!) all of these all-loving Christians you refer to can be found. Is avoiding others and disagreeing with them to the point of ostracism any different from fearing and hating them? In news of recent days, it seems like ALL of the outspoken anti-marriage equality (or anti_LGBT politicians and clergy) would list "Christianity" as their cult of preference. Also (vis-a-vis your last sentence), WHERE are these "Christians" who dare to disagree with popular opinion? The majority of "popular opinion" I read about (even in Jigidi comments) seems to STILL reside in disaproving of homosexuality.


OldManMontgomery, non-Christians don't hate Christians for disagreeing. Rather, non-Christians and even some enlightened Christians take offence at the notion that anyone should be made to feel ashamed for being who they are.


"Hate" is a rather curious word. At least used in a curious manner. Christians love all human beings, while not always agreeing with them. Others hate Christians for daring to disagree with popular opinion.


2013quique, you are totally right.

I read Justice Scalia's "opinion." He should have gone into writing fictional short-stories with his flambouyant flair for fantasy expression. As an expert mud-slinger to the other justices, he puts the legal profession to shame. It seems some folks can just NOT be happy unless they know others are unhappy. Why can't we just share in the joy of others?

Me, too, kathie49.

And just to chime in - I think Scalia got it right and the other eight justices were so very wrong.


over the moon for the decision that was handed down yesterday. let the wedding season officially begin!

Love will always be more godly than hate.

Somehow, I think the previous two commenters need a reality check!


The Creator's promise to never flood the world again! Proud to know Him!


I am proud to know the Creator of the rainbow, which has been stolen by depraved rebels against righteousness.

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