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Themes: Seafood Platter 2

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Enjoy a great trip and the best food what else can a person want? Hopefully only a short wait for restrictions to finish.....then, yippee.
Thanks Trudy☺


You are right, Robbos. As soon as the borders open, I'm on my way to Canada. It's a 3 hour trip to my brother's house and I'd love to see him and the rest of my family and friends and EAT! LOL.


Can't go wrong with some fresh seafood when available. Enjoy tea, Heidi☺


I may make some Shrimp Scampi for dinner tonight. For some reason, I'm getting a craving for seafood.


A plate full of my favorites for all to enjoy, yummo.
Thanks for helping me share☺


The last time I had a seafood platter like this was many years ago in Cairns (N Qld) we were on holiday. Yummy!


Didi's not a friend to these, but i am!


I remember a small restaurant in Costa Rica, on the road from San José to Puntarenas, near the coast, that served the greatest langostino and iguana. I haven't been there in 44 years, so it's probably not there any more, but I could happily eat their food every day. I can STILL taste that delicious flavor!


Help yourself, Val☺


Lovely I would be there for this thank you Bob☺


The borders will be open soon and I know what the first trip is going to be for you.
Don't drool to much over the keyboard, TrudyTai☺


That looks SO good! I can't get to my favorite seafood place as it is in Canada and the border is still closed to non-essential travel. I would try to make my case that me eating seafood IS ESSENTIAL, but I don't think the people at the border would buy it. So in the mean time, I'll just drool here in front of my computer. LOL.

Seafood every night for a week... oh yum! Just add a different side dish each night and you have dinner :) A disappointed when I look in the frig and there's no leftovers :)


Can't go wrong with a plate full of fresh seafood all week long.
Thanks for your comments, gogogo, Heidi☺


This is a full week's food supply for me!


Am happy to gaze upon this puzzle, Robbos, & I also enjoyed solving it - thanks! ☺︎