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  1. Syke0:27
  2. Ianto0:33
  3. 12milothunder0:34
  4. BarbaraL0:37
  5. SandiT0:39
  6. wshealy0:46
  7. eselerwin0:47
  8. zdenop0:48
  9. lucesol0:49
  10. setala20:51


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Sad there is only one, he used to have three.


Love that alpaca, thanks, Barbara 🦙

Well, that alpaca has his guarding duties mixed up a bit....LOL


The farmer told me once he saw a fox in with the sheep, he went to chase it away and the alpaca went for him and not the fox.


Barbara, that is so interesting that the alpacas are used to protect the lambs from foxes! I learned something today. This is a cute picture -- I think she's making sure that you got her good side :-)


We use all those words here, alpacas are used to keep foxes away from lambs, there are sheep in this field but not many, plenty of Canada geese.


It looks so snooty - uppity - egotistical - do any of those words make sense on your side of the pond? But I have found alpacas friendlier than llamas. Is that a field of Canada geese? I first thought they were sheep until I got a good look. I know llamas are used to help protect flocks of sheep but didn't know alpacas were. Do you have predatory animals there? Lovely photo, Barbara. Thank you.

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