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1949 Tucker #34

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Tucker's great grandsons put it on a dyno.
You can watch the dyno run on youtube here:
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  1. karlee8:27
  2. goodallman12:37
  3. opallia13:48
  4. opossumAcres15:39
  5. RickAgain15:45
  6. oldslo16:45
  7. bikeman5716:49
  8. puzzlewoman17:02
  9. haas9017:19
  10. MaSaKuKo17:26


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The engines for the Tucker were made right here in my hometown of Syracuse, NY at the Franklin Motor Corporation. They were originally air-cooled helicopter engines converted to water cooling for automotive use. When they were new (and for a few years thereafter), there were a number of them around town. I can remember seeing a couple of them still on the road and running as late as the mid-1950s.


If you click on Rod Authority above beside "Image copyright:" it will take you to the interesting article including the video.


I believe you are correct about the year Pat. 1949 is what they had in the file name of the photo. I fixed it.


Good one Gary.
All Tuckers are 1948, not 1949. You're just keeping me on my toes, right?
Serial Number 1034 is privately owned in California, and not on display.
Gooding & Company Classic Car Auction sold in 2012 for $1,320,000 going to auction again Gooding 2020
This is the information that I have on no. 34.


What a great car! Thanks goodallman!

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