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Greylag goose

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The cattle never bother the geese, they are just interested.


Brave Goose, I was surprised to see the Cows when I clicked on it, great photo thank you Barbara ☺♥


Thank you tea.


Sue I have a pair of magpies that have taken over in my garden, also had a fox digging in the night.


Wonderful puzzle :))


If the goose is there for a bit of food, he is no dummy. I feed the sandhill cranes and have a bird feeder. The crows and squirrels never miss a meal at either place.


They are good parents, they don't fight like the Canada geese and they don't leave their babies while they go to eat grass like the Egyptian geese.


I too did not recognize the cows until I clicked on the thumbnail. Very nice goose and I like to hear that they are good parents. Thanks, Barbara 🙂


I think the goose is looking for food, this is where they feed the cows.


Barbara, I thought the cows were bags of something with yellow tags . After I solved and took a better look I discovered they were cows. Had to laugh at myself. The goose seems to want to make friends with them. Cute photo. Thank you, Barbara.


The cows are young not been in this field long, they have moved the sheep and alpaca.


I like greylag geese too, they are better parents than the Canada and Egyptian geese.


Looks like the goose is as curious as the cows. Fun photo. Thanks, Barbara.


I love Greylag geese. He's a beauty!

Moo Who

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