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  1. Gom1:01
  2. Cootje601:17
  3. MaryOz20221:21
  4. heagerty1:22
  5. Qoquaq1:22
  6. Iggys1:24
  7. mistressstar1:25
  8. mek19721:25
  9. Ianto1:28
  10. markp1:35


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LOL, well I saw you had completed another puzzle here and I sometimes just click on someone new to see what puzzles they have posted
I then look thru their list and if I find something interesting I do the puzzle
I always like to comment on the puzzles as I think it is nice to acknowledge that someone has taken the effort to post something
I know I like getting comments

Glad you liked it mistressstar! you must have been digging deep in the archives - I posted that one a long time ago


Great puzzle, thanks for sharing

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