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grandkitty, Spencer

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Oh, Impie, we could never guess what might happen. Odd how life has twists and turns. I understand about the job situations. When daughter first graduated from college with her bachelors the job market was flat. The same happened with our son. My son and daughter, too, have had ups and downs not only with employment but with relationships. I mentioned that daughter has married 3 times.

Son had a very unfortunate relationship with a young woman who we eventually learned was schizophrenic. She fantasized about herself and her background. She really had worked in the agency that my husband worked in for 37.5 years but her employment was fleeting - only a year or two. However, she could initially convince our son of her competency/skills/connections - that she knew people we knew in the agency. She said her father was a developer, he was only a general contractor, etc. I eventually spoke with her parents and her mother also felt that she was mentally ill but her father was a very conservative religious type who saw things differently. Her mother worked in the schools and had some connections with children with mental problems, so she could see this as a medical/mental problem. This young woman eventually convinced my son that they should marry so she could finish her college (at reduced rates) at the college where he was working. They did marry but she never went for any classes. She was convinced that I was stalking her. I was a full time teacher in a community about three hours from where they lived - I hardly had time for any strange activity. ; ) I can smile now ... Anyway we didn't see our son for over 4 years - a very, very hard time. She finally wanted our son to leave, and he decided to go back to college for another degree. His first was in international relations. His second is in geography, specifically GIS - geographic information systems. He is working now for the electric distribution system in a county in North Carolina, through a university. He has been with that job for 8 years. Prior to that he was working with GIS in a county in the state of Indiana providing map data on streets, roads, property, etc.

Daughter earned her Masters, when she was married to the 2nd man, and earned her Doctorate while she lived with the third and eventually married him in 2009. She started the doctorate while with the 2nd. She is a professor at a small college in Grand Rapids, MI It is a Catholic college but their staff comes from all backgrounds. When she first went there the college president was Jewish. One in her department is Eastern Orthodox and another is Lutheran. The current college president is Hispanic - a very diverse group. She is the director of the Sports Management program at the college. And she earned her tenure last spring. Her first degree was in fashion merchandizing, and her Masters was in Sports Management. Her Doctorate is in the psychology and sociology of sport. I have to grin at fashion merchandizing and sports related work. Her birthday makes her a Gemini, and she certainly has a split in interests - it is supposed to be true for Geminis! : ) Actually she is a strong director for the students because she can really push and lead them to be successful - whether they go on with their sports mgt. degrees in marketing, or support staff for any sports or sports related organization. She has had a good work ethic and can pass that along as well.

We have helped both financially. I bought cars for both, when I was teaching. Son left that young woman with very little to his name. In fact he had gone through bankruptcy. He had a car that quit working and very little furniture. When he finally got in contact with us again I bought him a futon that he could also use as a bed. I also bought him a good winter coat and boots, and other items of clothing. I bought the car for son when he was going to the job in Indiana, and I bought two vehicles for daughter when she got the job at the college. One was an older small car, gas efficient - and the other was a used van. She used the van in the fall and spring when she had to stay over at the college. She went to a camp ground near the town where she teaches. The two vehicles equaled what I had spent on the car for son.

Son has a wonderful, wonderful wife - she is 9 years younger, but she is smart, smart, smart. She began with a computer major, got bored with that, switched and got a degree in chemistry - perfect for our son - he wanted to study chemistry but he could never learn the math that was required. Then she went to a college that is run by her religion and got certification as a medical technologist. She ran tests for about 5 years for the same university that son is working for in North Carolina. Hers was a grant funded program. That ended in January, but she wrote that it looks like she has a job coming up doing testing for allergies in pediatrics. The religion is Seventh Day Adventist, it is the same that Kellogg, the founder of the Kellogg cereal company, was associated with. He developed cereals as an alternative to meat products. The Seventh Day Adventist are vegetarian, though our daughter in law does eat eggs, cheese and other dairy. Some are strict vegetarian. She is a wonderful cook, and likes to grow food as does our son. They are a good fit - finally for him. They married in 2006. And, both son and daughter have had some issues with depression.

I have been sad, too, about Molly. I had tears in my eyes when I responded to Soo's puzzle and when I left a comment on the puzzle that Florrie had made. Molly looks/looked a lot like my daughter's Tara, and that last picture, which shows so much weight loss, really looks like Tara did over that last year. Soo's kitties were interesting to me because her Milly looks like my Molly did and it seems that they may have similar personalities.

Ah, Impie - kits and kids - we "mother" them both. : ) And our hearts ache for both.


Oh roseheather what a great stories....I read them with much interest. Especially the story of Little Tara is very touching and I'm glad you had the chance to see her just before she died. It's always so hard to loose a pet and I can understand that they feel like grandchildren to you. And why not I'd say!
My two sons are both single. Patrick the eldest will turn 40 in May and Leroy the youngest will be 37 in June!
Patrick has been in a relationship that went wrong. She was seeing other guys as well and when she got pregnant she left him and moved in with the father of her child. She had a little girl the day before 9/11!! It's very hard to see how your son get treated that way and struggle to pay his bills that used to be payed out of 2 salaries. After some months he couldn't cope anymore and lost his (rental TG) home, so we took him back in our home. After a few months he could live with a friend, but then after a year this friend also lost his house and hello, there was Patrick on our doorstep once more. He's doing so much better now and he lives in his apartment for 9 years this July, but I guess he has had enough of sharing and depending on others. He has a great job and is happy on his own. He doesn't have pets, he loves them but he's a bit allergic. After he strokes Goofie (or any other kitty) he'd better not wipe his eyes before he has washed his hands....they will itch and turn red!

Leroy (as you must have noticed) still lives with me....he had a major burnout. He did like his work but his boss had made him feel so little, he hardly had any self asteem left. He broke down excatly one week before his dad died! I called him in sick and after a few months a mediator helped him to make the decision not to go back to this place and should leave there for his own well being. With both parties agreeing, he got fired in November 2012. He's out of a job still!! Since last year no allowances and is now self supporting from his savings! He had been saving up to buy himself a house, but without a job that would be a very bad decision to do right now!
Unemployment in Holland is getting worse and worse, so actually it wasn't a very good decision, but he keeps telling me that should he have stayed there, he probably wouldn't even have reached the age he has reached today!! He was very depressed at the time. He's doing much better, although, in my eyes minor things still very easily will throw him back a bit! He never took any medication for it and I applaud him, but losing my hubby and having a depressed son at the same time was very hard for me as well!

Unfortunately every month there are more and more people losing their job and our (registered) unemployment rate is somewhere around 600.000 now!! So there's not much chance to find a new job very shortly!
Actually all I wanted to say is that I cannot see myself getting grandchildren as well!☺

I feel very sad for soo losing her little Molly. She wrote it in a comment to me and when I read it I had to cry! I've grown to really love this little Kitty!


Oh, Impie, I do remember the lily because I have some that are very similar and we compared the Latin name. : ) And the story touched my heart so I will not forget that. (now the part I saved from last night)

As to name changes, that was a close transition for Goofie. Thanks for the pronunciation guide too. I can see how close it is in sound. Heather did something similar for a kitty who had wandered in - they kept referring to him as the new one, so Heather named him Newton because that was close. : )

Heather had a little female who her husband at the time (she has been married 3 times) called the kitty by the name the kids (who were giving away kitties) were calling her - Chubby. When my daughter left that man she wanted a new name for the kitty and called her Tara. Tara adjusted very well to that. But Heather had also called her Beanie when she was little because she reminded my daughter of the beanie babies. We stayed with the kitties one week, a few years back, when our daughter went to spend some time with her mate (3rd one) who was working on a job in South Carolina. The college where she teaches has a fall break in October and she went during that week. I said something to Tara and called her Beanie, she was faced away from me and she swung her head around to look me in the eye. As if she was saying, "oh, you know that name too." Little Tara was very sick in February/March of 2013 and daughter thought she was dying. She rallied around and lived until May of 2014. Daughter's college also has a week of no school in the spring so we went in March, 2013 to see how much better Tara was doing though she was very thin. She played peak with me around a post. She was moving her head back and forth so she was seeing me and then not seeing me. She wasn't up doing it physically, just moving her head. Those two memories are especially dear to me, I am so glad I had those special times with her. We saw her a few days in May, 2014 just before she died. Fortunately for my daughter school was out and she was able to be with Tara. The last night, she put a mattress on the floor and Tara climbed up and laid next to Heather until she died. It was particularly hard for Stannie because he had been especially attentive to Tara the last few months - and he was with Heather and Tara on the mattress. Funny how little animals have those feelings too. Heather said afterward that she didn't know how to help him with the loss except to give him extra special attention.

I can understand the reasoning, I guess, for your country not wanting the ashes on land, except I can't imagine any impact on the water supply after the process of forming an ash. Heather has all but Clyde buried in the fairly big yard that she has. Clyde came up missing, and so Heather began tracing the path from the new apt. she was living in to the old apt. that had the garage. One evening someone noticed her looking and asked her -- she said her kitty had been missing for a few days. The woman said that a kitty had been hit by a car, the woman had thought it was hers, she went to it, and Clyde bit her. Heather asked to see her kitty and he did look very similar to Clyde.

Clyde's body was sent to the University in Lansing, MI to test for rabies, which he had been vaccinated for, but no one could tell that to the woman at that time. My daughter went to that University, a couple of years later, to work on her doctorate, and complete it, and I told her that Clyde had gone ahead to make sure it would be okay for her. A happier story about that University is that Heather also went there, sort of, when she was developing. My mate and I were married the fall of our senior year and I got pregnant right away. So daughter was with me, and I reminded her when she took an economics class during the time she was working on her bachelor's degree that some of that might be familiar. As if she would have been hearing those lectures. lol

You know Impie, those grand kitties feel like grandchildren to me. I have been very sad at the loss of several of them. Neither of my offspring had children and I doubt that my son and his wife ever will. Daughter is past that stage, she turns a half century at the end of May, and she never wanted to have children anyway. My son is three years younger than my daughter.


☺☺ I'm amazed that you remember my Lily Happy Returns roseheather! It's on Happy's poop spot (excuse me☺) he must have fertilised it very well, because each year Happy returns!!☺☺☺

Like Molly Goofie doesn't want other kitties in his garden either. He'll call them through the boards of the fence, but once he sees them he's like a warrior too!
I love your story about the other kitties coming to your yard and especially about the earth shaking part when the new black kitty was sitting atop Molly's place.☺♥
You have Molly close to you. We had both our kitties cremated and the ashes was scattered in the Northsea... pet's ashes officially isn't allowed to scatter over land (??) but a lot of people do after they've taken their pet's ashes home after it's cremated individually!


Oh, yes, Impie. I am so surprised that you say you are so in love with Goofie. : ) I really would not have known. ri-i-i-i-ight. : )

I have liked that you have a plant that means Happy Returns. It is so nice to have that reminder. And I remember each time you post that image of the flower. I too was very sad after Molly died. So, so hard to lose them. I have not wanted another because I am afraid I could get tripped up by one dashing ahead like Molly used to.

Our little Molly is buried out near that feeder in our yard, between two of the three weigelia bushes. There is a stone on top of her space. We have had yet another black kitty coming into our yard and I suspect that it too is one of the kittens that the kitty Luna had after her adventures two winters ago. This one has a collar similar in color to the kitty called Tippy. His tail has a bit of white at the very tip. This new one does the same as Tippy and Luna, sitting on the fence and stalking birds and squirrels. However, this new one sat on the rock that is atop Molly's space. I had to chuckle wondering if the new kitty felt the earth move. Molly didn't always like kitties coming into our yard and she especially didn't like Skye, who was part siamese. She would screech and scream at him. The first time I heard her I thought she had been hurt. I said her yell was like a Banshee warrior. She never yelled like that at any other kitties, but I am not sure she necessarily was happy with all that came by our windows. So I could imagine her causing an upheaval because some other kitty was where she is.

I wrote something else here, but will post it tomorrow - I copied it off to save it. A bit much for tonight.


I love your stories about your's and your daughter's kitties. I love how they all did get their names.
You probably already know our first kitty (in our marriage) was called Lucky and our second was called Happy. They both were from the shelter. Lucky reached the age of 18,5 and Happy only 11!! When Happy died I was so sad and I was really hurt for months...I was almost convinced I could never love another kitty ever again! After 3 months my hubby and my son asked if I would come to the shelter just to have a look...There were so many and there also was an adult white kitty who really tried to sell itself (he was the victim of a break up and was brought to the shelter) my hubby and son wanted him, but as we passed in the corridor I had seen this little beauty behind the window looking at me with very surprised eyes and I immediately fell in love...I really wanted him!! He was 4,5 months old and he was called Jovi (as in Bon Jovi). We had nothing with this name and at home we were searching for a new name. After a Lucky and Happy what would you call this sweetie??? In Dutch Goofie sounds the same as Jovi (our G sounds like a (harsh) Spanish J ) and so Goofie it became.... I'm still in love with this little guy (but you would never have guessed)☺♥


Aw, what a delightful story about Dolf. : ) And my, he also looks like my Molly - she could give that little mouth look. The picture makes me want to pick him up. : )

Stannie looks similar to my kitty Molly, and to another two that my daughter had, Bernie and Clyde. Clyde was a litter mate to my Molly and he had a short tail. Molly's tail was quite long and we figured she had claimed the rest of his. Clyde gained the nickname Clyde's-tail, but when pronounced it could sound like the horse Clydesdale. Clyde was a big, big kitty, but very frightened of so much. Bernie, was very small, and not afraid of anything or anyone. It was funny to see them together. Heather brought home four kitties, Clyde and Molly and two others. One, she had named "Timmy" but the young woman who took him changed his name to mayhem. My daughter had forgotten that they had been born at the end of April, and said "well he was born in May, hence May-him = Mayhem. : ) He was full of energy. Much like Molly always was. My daughter thought the four would be small like Bernie, but they were all very big.

Bernie was playing in a paper shopping bag one day, and wanted Clyde to play in it with her. He was shying away from it and she went over and bopped him on the head. : ) It didn't change his mind though. He loved to sit on a motorcycle seat that my daughter had. I don't think she ever rode it much but it was in a garage and he liked to go and sit on the seat. I told her he was hoping she would get him a leather jacket. lol


Stanny also is a good looking kitty. He reminds me of our cat Dolf. Here's a very old scanned photo of him:
My brother was in the Dutch Army (for his number) where he met Dolf while he was at camp in Germany!! He came to his tent every day and my brother promised himself that should this skinny cat be there when they break up camp, he'd take it home to Holland....and so it happens. (he's been in a bag on his lap for 11 hours in a tanker) We had just lost our first cat Beertje (little Bear) and my mom and dad weren't too pleased he brought a new cat home, but they were sold the minute he jumped out of the bag. He was really something else! : )


Heather was so glad they offered. She had been concerned about him and he would come over and sit on her lap when she was on her porch. He was not that important to them, or so I gathered.

Stannie - daughter spells it Stanny - is another rescue. His "family" was just feeding him on the porch. He is little, but spunky, but as he has gotten older he is not so full of baloney. : ) He has got a scar on his side from some fight or other. Makes him look like a boxer - the sport not the dog. : ) lol Stan -


Thank you for your lovely story roseheather. So glad your daughter did take Spencer and shut him in her heart♥
I cannot understand what posessed these people to move away and leave their kitty behind!? I think I would go mad!!
I'll look on the bright side...Spencer has a loving mum and he sure looks like a happy kitty... it's their loss!!


Thanks, Impie.

He is quite gentle. Once, some years ago, the littlest one, Stannie, was picking on Quincy. Quincy had some health problems and it almost looked like Stannie was being mean, not sure though because he was still young. Quincy huddled up to my legs and Spencer moved in between Quincy and Stannie. Quincy was well protected by Spencer and me.

Spencer got his name because he was a "you want him?" from one of my daughter's neighbors who had been calling him "biggin" - for big one. Duh. They were moving and didn't particularly care if they moved this kittty with them. Daughter Heather certainly did want him, and was thinking of names of men who had red hair and thought of the actor Spencer Tracy. So Spencer it was because "kitty" seemed to like it when my daughter said it. She named Stannie, Stanley, but he quickly became Stannie. : ) Not sure how Quincy got his name.


Oh my roseheather, he is beautiful, I love his name too, he has such a sweet face also with the little tufts at the tip of his ears (like Goofie's☺) . He does have a lot of a Maine Coon indeed. I'm sure the birdies in your daughter's garden would love to make a warm soft nest of his combed fur! : )
He's really special with the fur between his toes.: ) (Freya of 'catslave' has got it too!)

Also thank you for the links....: )


Impie, Spencer has thick, thick long fur. I had added below that he has fur between his toes, and his tail looks like a plume. He loves it when my daughter combs his fur. : )

We think he may be part Maine Coon.

The feet on this one are like Spencer's:

And this one has a tail like Spencer: It is the picture of the female holding an orange kitty in a room with the lights on.


Spencer even has furry feets. He has "hair" between his toes, and a huge fluffy tail, but this picture doesn't do it justice.

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