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Daffodils- especially for Lin (Mar17P31px)

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Daffodils symbolises friendship.

They belong to the genus Narcissus.

All credits go to the photographer who took this photo.

3rd of a set of 4 puzzles of Daffodils. Please enjoy all of them. Thank you.

Puzzle 31
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  1. jasonchung10:32
  2. mariolyn0:41
  3. Robbos0:42
  4. Dilubreuer0:43
  5. jkjiggy0:51
  6. emilym0:52
  7. Pekaji0:55
  8. Deanna0:58
  9. Hak1:02
  10. Babchi1:02


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I know Lin. That happens sometimes with Notification.

There are folks (who belong to a social media list) whom I have tagged but have not responded, so after some weeks have passed, I will delete the tagging and will not retag them as I do not wish to seem like harassing people.

But with friends like you and Wendy (unicorn3), it is different as I trust both of you and know that the two of you will understand that I just want to make sure that you all have received my tag and may wish to solve the puzzle.

I will tag you again at jasonchung3.

I will also tag you at jasonchung1 for another puzzle that tagging has failed to reach you.

Once you have responded to the puzzle at jasonchung1, I will delete the social media list (provided to me by some kind folk as they have included my name on their list as a friend) since many of them have already responded and I think the rest of them may not be interested.

So, in the future, when I tag that particular social media list (your name is on their list), you will notice that my list will get shorter and shorter over time as I will only tag those who respond.


I didn't receive that private puzzle notification, Jason - must have been around the time(s) I was out for soooo long. If possible, would appreciate another tag and I'll watch for it. Many thanx!


Hee, hee, hee, Lin, I love your sense of humour :D

It is good to see you again because it means that you are recovering well.

A house filled with the glory of daffodils - so wonderful and pretty.

Some time back, I thought that you may like to solve the 63 piece Daffodils puzzle posted on the same day as this particular one, so I posted it as a 20 piece Private Puzzle for you at jasonchung3 which you can only access by private invitation. I have tagged you to this puzzle at the time of posting. If Notification did not reach you, just let me know and I will tag you again.

Do continue to take good care of yourself, my dear friend. Warm regards, Jason.


Ooooh, MY, Jason! Apologies for taking so long to find this lovely bouquet -luckily you put them in water so they...lasted! I LOVE daffodils; have many all thru my front and back yards and yes, I DO cut and bring some into the house for color and warmth.
I so appreciate the dedication and also the fact tiz my favorite color.
You are a good friend.


Hello, Wendy, as promised, I have just tagged you to a smaller version (30 pcs) of the 1st puzzle of this Daffodils Puzzles series.

Hope that it will reach you as I am using another account with Jigidi.


Wendy, when I return tonight, I will post a private one for you - same puzzle but a smaller size.

I will tag you at another account of mine with Jigidi.


Jason, I usually set this laptop at 0 - 60. The screen is not big. I suppose I should go on to my big desktop! Laziness on my part........Wendy


Good that this brings some good cheer to you, Wendy.

I have posted a bouquet of daffodils for you, too. If 63 pieces is too many pieces for your liking, please let me know and I will do a smaller one for you on a private posting.


What a bright, sunny, bouquet to receive on this rather dull, rainy day. I'm not complaining, we don't have to shovel the rain!! Wendy


Dear Lin, I hope these daffodils will bring you much joy and good cheer.

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