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The Butterfly House at Faust Park, St. Louis, MO

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Butterfly art to great visitors . .
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Thank you Chris🦋


Super sculpture and fitting for the location...😊


Thank you Marina :) I wish the photo showed it’s height, it’s very tall ! Have a Happy Easter tomorrow . .


Impressive and unusual.


Yes, it was so pleasant being there😃
Thank you for working the puzzle!


What fun!!! I see I have much to catch up I shall flutter about the next few days to explore the world of butterflies!


Hello Linda, I’m glad you liked the puzzle. This butterfly statue is really tall ! Across the sidewalk was a caterpillar, but was too long to get in a photo :) It’s nice you’re seeing butterflies in your yard, they sure make me smile! Have a great rest of the week . .


Hi Tea.. I checked out the website. It has so much to offer. Love the large butterfly that greets the visitors. I see so many butterflies in yard now that the weather is getting warmer. Mother Nature can be so beautiful. Thank you for posting this photo. LINDA


The ‘living ones’ inside the conservatory would gently land on shoulders, cameras, on little girls’ cheeks . . I’m glad this one didn’t move🙄


Hmm, I think I prefer the living ones! Great set Tea, thank you.

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