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Hi - I'm Luna...

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I like cakes...
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  1. 2dogs7cats0:27
  2. Redneck010:33
  3. BarbaraL0:34
  4. Sissel0:36
  5. pkin380:37
  6. KatieZn0:39
  7. Bert0:41
  8. Joan_20:42
  9. Dilubreuer0:45


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I do Auntie nicco - it's good - thanks so very much!! :-)))

I eat VERY much - at least so they say! Grandma and grandpa says it too, but they say that I use so much energy that I need lots of food... thanks so very much Auntie Edie! :-)))


Did you eat that whole thing by yourself Luna. It must have been delicious. ☺︎


Looks like you're really enjoying that cake, Luna!


It's not a donut Jacki! It's really hard to find donuts in Denmark! It's something sticky and soft inside that zebra coating - thanks so very much! :-)))

I don't know quite what's inside, but it's not just jam... thanks so very much Ardy! :-)))

So do I - but donuts are very rare - thanks so very much Pat! :-)))

Jeg tror det er sødt af pommern til, Sissel - tak! :-))))

It might be so - perhaps! Thanks so very much Lunie! :-)))


Is it yummy Luna?


Gi' en bid Luna - tak Hanne og hils :-)))))


Love the comment of Jacki .... Yummm so delicious ...picture is so cute ...


So cute. Jacki describes this so perfectly. Thanks Hanne & Pia-Maria.


A zebra Donut. How elegant (and delicious) it looks. And how delightfully messy!

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