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My blind Parsons Jack Russell, Stella.
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  1. eaross3:20
  2. ofehoyos3:44
  3. fragment713:56
  4. introvertka4:50
  5. atina5:25
  6. 1cooper425:35
  7. kuljah6:19
  8. laskadog16:22
  9. Bill_I_Am6:42
  10. zhouzhou6:56


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The poor girl. It's great that you are able to help her find her way.


Gayle, yes her ears are always up! Not all get it, but are more prone to eye loss.
Hearing loss maybe to age, she's only 11 years young. But here direction of hearing was always at a difference direction from where I call to her. She would always run the opposite direction. But she really is a sweet dog that we call family.


What a nice pup! Do her ears always stand up or is she temporarily on alert? Thanks for your pup pictures, Ernie.

If blindness and hearing loss are characteristic of Parsons Jack Russells, I wonder if there's any way to prohibit people from breeding them. Probably not feasible.


That's a shame about her hearing, though not uncommon in older dogs. Of course, nothing is better than a dog's nose! Too bad Stella isn't a better sister, but chihuahuas are like that.


Bill, sadly she is losing her hearing as well, which she thought sounds were coming from a different direction anyway. Her nose seems to be a better aid for her than hearing.
I wish Jessie was a better match for her, but she ditches Stella any chance she gets, but they still get along pretty well overall.


What a nice dog. And I agree, those ears are terrific. I hope they offer some compensation for her loss of sight. Do she and Jessie get along?

Give her plenty of love she tugs at my heart.


What a good looking dog. I can almost sense that she is thinking in this photo. And those ears! Magnificent!




Thank you laskadog1, she's a sweetheart as well! :)


She's adorable !

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25 April 2022 - 17 May 2021
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