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Dublin . .

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New meaning to the term ‘double doors’ :)
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  1. Hasli1:43
  2. jls262:03
  3. auntmom72:07
  4. Pazitinta2:13
  5. downonthefarm2:23
  6. Ianto2:24
  7. Steeplechaser2:38
  8. emacaj2:46
  9. sammysmom3:01
  10. rahas3:04


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Tea . Thank you for caring. It will all be fine by tomorrow.


Hello Linda, proud of you getting your vaccine !!! Hope the soreness goes away quickly. Best thing to do is rest & do puzzles :) These double doors, hmm, I looked thru a magnifier and can’t figure out the black object either. Since the identical doors are in a row building (Dublin), it kinda looks like the door on the left isn’t used for an entrance anymore. Looking closely you can see the name of the business (on the right) under the knocker. The glass over the doors is lovely! Welllll . . I guess I better start supper, take care and rest as much as you can :)


Hi Tea.. I know that you took the photo,perhaps somewhere on your travels. Loved the double doors. The only difference i spotted is the one on the left has some black object on the bottom, and the one on the right has a mail slot and a door knocker. Perhaps It belongs to the same owner, because they needed more space and liked the neighborhood. Years and years ago, we bought our first house and there was the same door as ours next door, just as close. Of course the only difference was the house number. That door bell rang so many times, and the company was always for next door. We sold the house the within a year and moved far away!. True story. I guess it's just part of life. Got our first Vaccine shot yesterday. All went well. Arm a little sore as it is given into the muscle. Small price to pay that could save our life. 2nd shot in 21 more days. It was the same feeling as getting the flu shot. Have a great day tomorrow. Linda

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