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Good Friday - The Epitaph (tomb of Jesus Christ)

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Greek Orthodox Easter - 19th April 2020

Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus and his subsequent death. In every Greek city, village or island, the Passion of Christ is revived through different traditions. From the early morning hours in all the Greek churches, the Epitaph, decorated with flowers, is ready to receive the body of Jesus.
This year, due to Covid-19, there won't be any processions carrying the portable tomb of Jesus.


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Μαρίνα Νεφέλη, many thanks for that information. It does go a long way towards explaining why Easter dates change every year, for different religions. ♥♥♥




Γειά σου Νέβιλ! There are so many things we don't know. Jigidi teaches us people's cultures and habits which is great!
About the different Easter dates between Catholics-Church of England and Greek Orthodox, I have some info. The date of Easter changes, because the Paschal full moon can fall on various days in different time zones. But because Easter falls on a Sunday after the March 21 spring equinox, it will always occur on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25.
Eastern Christianity recognises a different date for Easter because they follow the Julian Calendar, as opposed to the Gregorian calendar which is widely used by most countries today. Great Britain changed to the Gregorian calendar in 1752.


Marina, I've been fascinated to learn, of past years, that the Greek Orthodox Church generally has a different Easter date to the rest of us. I learnt this from my friend Maria, from whom I purchase my newspaper at the Newsagent every morning. If I recall correctly, last year's Greek Orthodox Easter fell around three weeks after our Easter occurred, but this year is only one week behind us. It's most interesting how that happens.
Easter Greetings to you and hubby for tomorrow. ♥♥♥


Thank you CarlaMarie for posting a part of "Mater Dolorosa" prayer.


Beautiful thanks Marina, hugs. ♥



"O Fount overflowing with truth, how weary your countenance,
O wise physician of human souls how silent you remain,
O splendor of eternal light how lifeless you are,
O sincere affection how deformed your once beautiful face has become,
O most high divinity in what poverty you show yourself,
O love of my heart how immense is thy goodness,
O joy everlasting, O love of my heart how excessive must have been your grief,
My dear Jesus, who is one with the father and Holy Spirit, being one and same divine nature, have pity on all living creatures, especially the suffering souls in purgatory. Amen."---words said by Blessed Virgin Mary to Jesus as he is taken down from the cross of Calvary and rests in her arms before burial, add: 5 Creeds,
1 Hail Holy Queen,
1 Our Father,
1 Hail Mary,
1 Glory Be,
1 Requiem
for release of 15 souls from Purgatory.