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Little Lulu

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Lulu giving the "I Love You" look
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  1. Susan577:23
  2. DeDonder7:52
  3. krenov8:07
  4. carrps8:08
  5. lindaleigh8:24
  6. Sylvester10:02
  7. lkershaw10:20
  8. RJay2710:36
  9. togocat11:27
  10. essendonbendigo11:35


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I had forgotten Chestercita's story and photo. Thanks for taking us back there again. You are not only a cat rescuer and caregiver and photographer and artist. You are also a storyteller. Thank you for all you do for the cats and all you share with us. ~Patsy


Hi togocat , Lulu is not directly related to Salvador. Maybe several generations back they may be but the shape of the markings on her nose look exactly like Mister Spottie's markings (Salvador's Dad). But... Lulu's mom is Chester. I snagged Lulu and her siblings from Chester outside and got them adopted. I had caught several of Chestercita's litters and got them adopted out and then we finally did catch Chester. Chester had been injured or we wouldn't have been able to catch her. I think someone tried to kill her with a glue trap. She would have died for sure if we didn't grab her, clean her up, and nurse her back to health. She lost a 4 kitten litter (still born) then too while she was recovering. Here's a link to Chester's puzzle and story. Thanks Togocat!


Hi Patsy, thanks a lot, Happy new Year to you and yours, I hope 2022 is awesome for you. Take care!


Is Lulu related to Salvador?

May 2022 be a good year for you, Lulu, and the rest of your human and feline family. ~Patsy

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21 October 2018 - 3 September 2016
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