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last bud opened

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  1. Dclo2:51
  2. stephanie993:19
  3. Carol664:02
  4. fihini4:05
  5. Cockrobin4:07
  6. Tuesday1564:07
  7. Janet19464:39
  8. rsmateo5:06
  9. AvW5:14
  10. vicesly5:15


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I love Easter lilies. Thanks for the post.


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)


Taking turns at the 4-way stop? Seems to be a forgotten thing!
Payton, Dusty may be over, later on, as he is not a great fan of really stormy weather. You can snuggle up to him under the blanket! Your Mom will be home, soon!


Dusty, don't worry, Payton is at his storm watch post (aka under the bed covers as far as he can go. Winds just picking up, hope they stay relatively calm until I get home from work. No fun trying to cross the highway when the signals are out. Many Whidbey residents have not mastered the concept of intersections turning into 4 way stops. ;)


I had fun doing this one!
Today, we are definitely on the "cool" side of the temperature scale....and also under a winter "event" watch....Blechh!
Hope y'all don't blow away in the wind!
Dusty (Hang on Payton!)


Made for a pretty puzzle DD!

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