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Egon Schiele Figure Drawing

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I'm a knitter myself, Mr. Flint, and retired, living in Tennessee. You're right, I didn't mean that nobody would like art of this nature, I was just pronouncing my own judgment. As for the artist Schiele, I was very impressed with his watercolor landscape you posted at the same time as this figure. And after all, if it sells it puts food on the table!

Well, Patsquire I see your point. But each person has to decide what they like and it may not be what you consider good art but they enjoy it. I sure wouldn't want one of these on my wall but I find them somewhat fascinating that a human mind can produce such distortedness. I would take any of his landscapes or gardens though if someone were looking to give one away. Thanks for commenting.


It takes a gift and a lot of practice to draw and paint the human figure in its natural beauty. Those who lack the gift resort to grotesqueries like this and call themselves talented. The art world, always in need of commercial properties to sell, chimes right in and tells the public, "This is a great artist." The pubic buys it, and buys the art. It's not a bad system, or a swindle, because once the art's value is established it tends to stay firm and it sometimes even grows. But * it's * still * not * good * art.


Very disturbing.


He has a unique way with figures, and that's why I like them. Thanks, Tim.

You're welcome Eva. His figures are really something. Supposedly these thinner guys are himself but I'm not sure if that is true

Lovely painting by a great artist. Thank you.

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