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My last puzzle.

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  1. kycol3:30
  2. jerky3:58
  3. Dat54:02
  4. rich100004:33
  5. long36814:46
  6. jeff624:49
  7. Buick19554:54
  8. JimBartles4:58
  9. MalcolmE5:02
  10. jpmitchell5:04


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Several of my puzzles of various small arms were taken down as well.

Don't understand people can carte blanche remove jigsaws?


Weapons are not obscene. People using them for evil purposes are obscene. It is sad that Jigidi is caving in like this.

why is it that those who are sharing good puzzles are the ones who wind up leaving cuz someone just doesn't happen to like the puzzle picture. Be mature about it because no one is going to like every puzzle that is posted - if you don't like one just keep on scrolling because there will probably be more who like it than don't. Don't take puzzles away from those of us who would like to do them. Sorry, @ kycol that you feel you have to leave. It seems like you have quite a few puzzlers who like doing your puzzles and will greatly miss them. I wish you the best and yrs, please stay safe.


I'm very sorry @kycol

Don't go, kycol : just treat the idiots with the contempt they deserve

Sorry to see you go. Have thoroughly enjoyed your puzzles.
Good luck for the future and STAY SAFE!!

I have almost all your aircraft postings and enjoyed every one of them. Thank you for your puzzles and will miss you mate. Good luck!


Thank you for the many great puzzles!


Your puzzles will be missed.


Woke-ness strikes!


Grumman J2F Duck
I've enjoyed solving many of your puzzles Kycol, thanks for making my stay here on this site a little more enjoyable. Sad we live in a world where industrial design seen by some is deemed "obscene".

I'd have to agree with you on that one.

This is my last puzzle. After posting a puzzle on historic handguns, it was removed because “weapons are obscene”. I had previously posted hundreds of puzzles of World War 1 & 2 fighter aircraft, armored vehicles and warships. They were not removed. I cannot support arbitrary decisions by unknown critics on what defines an “obscene” weapon.

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