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Wicket and Big Head

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Thank you, they are brothers.


Very beautiful cats. I love looking at them.




Thank you, Gail!


Yow! Two beautiful cats. I've never seen a black cat with a big white ruff like that. More, more please. Thanks for sharing!!! We are all wishing you well. Cat purrs are believed to heal so spend as much time with sweet kitties as you can.


Oh what beautiful cats!


Nice looking cats. We had one that looked something like Big Head. Her name was Pamook which is Turkish for cotton. She had white feet that looked like cotton balls. Wicket is especially striking with the white "ruff". I wish you well tomorrow. You are in my prayers.


Bill, Annie, and Manet say "Hi" to thier scuzzins.


Beautiful Beautiful kitties!!!!


Your cats are gorgeous, but Norbert is spectacular, with his long white beard and chest. I've never seen anything quite like it. A red hat and he's Santa...

One of my cats, Norton, was named in part because he was so goofy-looking as a kitten; he looked like a cross between a bat and a rat (he's a black Oriental Shorthair)


Something tells me these two do not share a father!

What pretty kitties.

So very handsome, thank you for sharing!!!


Thank you! They are brothers, both rescue kitties.


Beautiful cats, the black one is unique and quite lovely.


"Big Head" is in the back- when he was a kitten, he had this huge fuzzy head - way out of proportion for his itty bitty body. Norbert is a great name!!


LOL @ the name Bighead. What one is Bighead? I named my cat Norbert because I thought a nerdy name would keep him in his place. Cats always think they are "better" than anyone else and the name Norbert keeps him feeling a little insecure. :-)

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