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Smörgåstårta - Swedish sandwich cake

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Posted by dan_sundberg, who received hundreds of Comments, such as

"The reactions to this smörgåstårta breaks my heart a little, as a swede and i dont doubt that if you would try one me or my mother made you would enjoy it, but i understand the skepticism.

it's really just a cake but with sandwich ingredients and usually with seafood like shrimp, roe, gravlax and tuna. with mayonaise and whipped cream instead of just cream on cakes. there are filling too between the layers. regular fillings are tuna, avocado and liver paté.

very very popular here in sweden and very expensive too, you can make a good living as a pastry cook if you can make good smörgåstårta."

"I have heard of this (US) and am fascinated! A friend from Texas went to a funeral in our northern Mid-West (which was heavily settled by Scandinavians) as a child. Her and her sister gleefully went after the big, white cake they found on the buffet after the funeral but were quickly mystified and dismayed to find ham, egg, and tuna salad instead of fluffy vanilla cake. So I think a lot of the disdain can be explained by violation of expectations. She agreed it was delicious but that she and her sister sat and stared at their plates for a long time trying to make sense of what they were seeing."

"My favourite is a 3 layer sandwich.

layer 1: mayonaise, whipped cream, tuna, salt, pepper, mix.

layer 2: mayonaise, whipped cream, egg, caviar, salt, pepper, mix.

layer 3: mayonaise, whipped cream, liver paté, mix.

but really, anything goes basically, the smörgåstårta is so diverse."

"But WHIPPED CREAM?! Why not cream cheese or some other soft cheese? Who eats a sandwich and thinks 'you know this could use some Cool Whip?'"

"American whipped cream is different. There is sugar added to heavy whipping cream. The whipped cream referred to here is literally whipped heavy whipping cream and maybe salt. So it's almost like butter, just still soft and spreadable."

"Does anyone know if this is where we get the term smorgasbord from?"

"Nope. Smörgås is just "sandwich" in Swedish. The smörgårsbord evolved from brännvinsbord, or "hard liquor board (or table)". It was popular in the 18th and 19th century and had the same function as an aperitif and some canapes, but with more diversity and more alcohol.

The smögåsbord then just added more dishes and grew into a course (or meal) in itself."

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Ja Fiona :-))))


@oholefo :-D

@morepiecesplz ("Did Ms-Maddy and her Jello get to you?") Ha ha! Nope, I wasn't looking for something gross, merely for something colorful.

@Sissel Det ser ud og lyder lækkert! Är det rullad ost på toppen?


Det er et dejligt mix af gode og lækre ting Fiona :-)))))))


This is just beautiful and I would hate to cut into it....but please pass the knife!!!! :-)) dj


I think this is Just lovely and I'll Bet it is delicious! Yes, no sugar in the whipping cream!


Did Ms-Maddy and her Jello get to you?

@Mischka Hei Fiona, jeg har visst at du skjønner det når jeg skriver på norsk!
Hjertelig hilsen, Jens


@oholefo Tusen takk!

A fork, of course.

Dagwood of the Blondie strip would love it. It is just a very large three-layer sandwich, decorated on the outside to look like a cake. You cut yourself a square piece and eat it with a knife and for. It is usually served at receptions.

It looks good, but no thanks.


Beautiful sandwich cake.

Hmmmmh! Det er så synd at jeg har ingen anledning for å reise til sverige i dette året...
Tusen takk for dette bildet, jeg liker godt smörgåsbordet!!!

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