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Kit Cat’s best side.

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Kit Cat
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  1. webpeggy4:21
  2. babray5:09
  3. hadzi5:14
  4. Arug6:14
  5. lindaleigh6:33
  6. JuttaI6:33
  7. Trish2377:02
  8. essendonbendigo7:22
  9. qwert123457:25
  10. quiltfast8:29


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Yes, they have a way of taking ruling the house as well as our hearts....and we wouldn't have it any other way, right? So glad he's been such a good fit with your parents.


Trish, KC has truly grown into a beautiful cat. And yes, my parents love him so much and get a lot of enjoyment from him. From the moment he walked in the door, he has been king of that castle!


Oh I was pleased to see a picture of KC as a puzzle! I remember you posting about him earlier Peggy and he was 'tentatively' called Big Foot. My word he's grown up a lot since the fluffy wee kitten he was. Gorgeous. Hope your parents are enjoying him coming into their life - I'll beg they are!


Kit Cat wants to come to the party so bad.....

Hi Handsome! We missed you guys at the party this week!


Returner, you are correct, he is easy to take pictures of!


I bet all of Kit Cat's sides are his best sides. What a beautiful cat!


Thank you, DizzyDane! Kit Cat was dumped as a tiny little kitten, I am so glad I found him and gave him to my parents. He is a wonderful companion for them and we all love him.

Cute kitty! She and my Minx could be twins. Minx's ruff hair is a wee bit longer - Diz

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