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In a rural area in Bavaria, someone felt the urge to tell the world in big letters 'I ❀️... well, that's the question: There are two names mentioned, Julia and Claudia. Obviously this love has someday changed its object and the name of the new girl was written over the first one's.
Who WAS the first - and who came then? Though I looked closely I couldn't decide whose name was written first and who took over love and lover later.

But right unterneath this dramatic declaration someone cheerfully wrote: '...and I love Sabine'!
Looks like this love(r) knew his heart - and Sabine's - better that the one on top!😁
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@Isaly Uh-oh - I keep my fingers crossed that nothing bad happens in your area! Wished I could swap you some rain for a bit of sun!


We have had two weeks of sun with no rain. Things are really dry and ripe for fires. Five years ago we were having the same conditions, as we are now, and ended up having quite a few forest fires. No rain is forecast for the next few days. Of course I would want you and everyone to In Joy their day!


@Isaly2 Hi there, glad you liked this Bavarian mix-up πŸ˜„! And I'm glad at least you have a bit of sun! We had rain and even a few flakes of snow today 😝. But I enjoyed the day anyway - I knew you'd want me to πŸ˜‰! Big hug for you - and please take care!!

@pumpkinhead You're quite welcome to chime in 😁!


What a conundrum you have presented! Thank you for the laugh, Celine. :)


Thanks for the big laugh. Hope he figures this out before it's too late. Have a good day Celine. Sunny, very windy and cold here today. Burr....

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