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Boring puzzle of the night, "Genius at work"

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There are a number of different contractors who go into these college apts. we paint. The rooms are small and furniture gets placed however to be out of the way for floor guys, painters, maintenance, cleaners etc. We found this "pain maker" just waiting to fall on us today. It was top heavy and sitting very half hazard on the foot locker from whoever placed it there before so we took it down before someone got smashed by it. Anyway, have fun, Dclo
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  1. Dclo0:59
  2. pooh26sf1:08
  3. Toto1:10
  4. suredreamsalot1:10
  5. mble1119111:16
  6. Gloria7201:18
  7. TTwistedRosee1:23
  8. Evvaborg1:24
  9. JUNKMAN1:24
  10. JoeC1:39


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Oh I go to sleep almost before I make it up the steps. The problem is I am wide wide awake two hrs later. It's the jobsite I'm on, it happened two years ago. I enjoy your stories Merrie. I'll post something boring later you can count on it! D

Anytime you need a 'bedtime story' to help you sleep, just ask... I can put anyone to sleep. lol Good night, D.


Holy busy. My parents are getting older too and it is hard to watch. Wow you were busy. Almost too busy it seems to almost get time to really "visit"? I just ran a b-day card down to parent's house this eve for my Mom. They were at Sight & Sound in Lancaster to see "Sampson". I left her b-day card there for her for when they got home. Dad's driving is "unnerving" at times! I know where you are coming from w/ all of that. Glad to hear about your Kiter cat (local slang name for cat obviously) no not Kitter , Kiter. Anyway, I am glad your trip went well for you M. Unsure where my last couple of eve's snuck off too but you are right I gotta head to Cotton Moose ( see other pic I posted this eve). Talk tomo M and thanks for your note. I enjoy reading them. Have good tomo! D

My trip was pretty good. My parents are getting better about seeing our (kids) side of why we want them to use public transportation instead of driving. It is still an uphill battle to get them to actually DO it, but they are seeing the writing on the wall now. My Mom actually suggested that she start driving again (she quit because she 'lost her confidence' about 6-8 yrs ago) since Dad really can't see unless it is Very Sunny. I almost choked... We don't want HER driving either!! Sheesh, she still has occasional dizzy spells and in the past has blacked out and fallen down during them--and she thinks she should be driving??? ARRGGHH!! My sister and I are pulling our hair out!
But, they were good about me driving them around while I was there. We did a lot of stuff, like: mending my Dad's pants and her skirt, looking at old photographs, getting her shoes to the shoe repair and back again, looking at more photos, took her to Church (Dad took her the Sunday after I left- which was good), got some photos reprinted to give to her girlfriends, took her to see one of her girlfriends, took both of them to my sister for July 3-6th so they could see my niece and her baby (they both had a good time even though they SAY they don't like to be away from home), looked at MORE photos, managed to do laundry and clean out some closets, took Dad to the dr, took Mom to 2 dr appts. and a dental appt., got rid of some paperback books (to her homebound friend who was delighted and said she would pass them along when she was done with them) that were cluttering up her bookcase and leaving her good books on the floor, and actually did houseclean 5 windows out of the 12 she wanted done (which was the Reason I was up there in the first place). It was a good visit and I was there when our neighbor passed away so I stayed a few days longer to take them to the funeral.
I did go to that restaurant... wow, good food and lots of it. Glad you recommended it. I took my parents to different restaurants that they don't get to anymore because of the driving distance, so they were pretty happy about that. I also took my Mom to the Farmers Market and then took my Dad to a farm to get hay for me, so they both had good outings. I did manage to see one of MY friends for about an hour, but my trips never seem to have enough time to see all my old friends.
I did take my cat along, and she did well with all the traveling. Took her to the vet when I got back and the bloodwork showed she is back into normal ranges, so that is GOOD news.
That about sums up my trip. Now you should be plenty sleepy, so go to bed. --M


That's funny you say that M, 'bout the prison cell, because we have been saying that for years. I am 5'9" and when I stand with fingertips against one wall and then stretch out my other hand is then approx. 1' away from other wall, no kidding. Some of these young people do well and know why they are in school and they are the ones who will have far less regrets later. You'll have to tell me about your trip then M, D

I wonder what the average size of a jail cell is?? a single, just like the dorm room ... just for comparison... could be mind opening for college kids to think that they could spend the rest of their lives in such a small room (without the freedom to leave whenever they want) if they don't put their efforts into learning and getting good jobs when they get out. -M


They were built small to keep initial $ outlay as low as possible. Every extra 1' of size would be thousands more in building costs. There are 12 apts. per building. I still think though that they are somewhat too ridiculous. Thanks sured, Dave


I was fortunate when I went away to college. Our dorm rooms were a little bigger than this.


Toto, the only things a lot of these young people are aware of are alcohol and opposite sex. Everything else is secondary for sure. I didn't say all of them so no one scold me. I live across from 800 of them so I see a lot of stuff. Thanks for playing Toto. 1:10 will be hard to top but I'm gonna try here shortly!
Merrie Merrie Merrie! Sorry for not getting back last couple of eve's. Trying to get to bed earlier. It took two of us a little bit to diffuse the "mousetrap". The lack of organization this year is mind boggling, wow. STILL trying to go do some warm up puzzles! Later M, D


Hello TTR, 12'x7', which is ridiculous. When set up you can't even really get your chair out because of the bed. Anyway, just got in from wing night with buddy and wife and now I have to go "warm up" with a couple puzzles before I attack my own, HA! It's all in good fun. Thanks Twist jabber later, D


It is tradition at my college that returning alums stay in the dorms for their class reunions. I was at my 40th last year and was, once again, taken by how small and well worn the rooms were. Strange you don't notice that when you're young. Anyway, glad there were no injuries from falling furniture in store for you today.

Obviously this person never Really understood physics/balance/kinetic energy/common sense. lol Glad your guys didn't fall prey to the 'mousetrap'. --M


That is one small room.....

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